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Open Website Tutorials Offers Business Owners Free Building of Website for Its Upcoming Book


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- Open Website Tutorials for research of its upcoming book is offering business owners free creation and maintenance of their website. The company aims at using real life cases in its book about successfully creating websites. Open Website Tutorials has been publishing tips, tutorials and articles on creating and fine tuning websites. The company has also published a step-by-step tutorial on build a website under 30 min.

The media spokesperson of Open Website Tutorials, Mr. Hamilton quoted on the business offer, “We are planning on releasing a book on creating a website. Initially we thought of using fake examples or cases for our book, similar to other publishers. But we thought that using real life examples of existing business websites will not only provide a clear explanation to our future readers but will also prove that our methods work successfully. The businesses can be of any type club, hobbies, ideas etc. In exchange we only want permission to share the case studies and publish them in our upcoming book.”

According to the website, the offer only requires that the business owners buy the domain and web hosting service, the company will then create the website with relevant information of business. The company states that it will work together with the business owner in creating the website, and it will use its expertise in making the website successful. The company further adds that once the website is established the ownership will be given back to the business owner.

Mr. Hamilton quoted on the availability of the offer, “Business owners who are interested in this offer can contact us. Currently we require at least 3 businesses to use in our book. Hence, it is best to contact us as soon as possible. The only terms are spending money on the domain and the web hosting service, and permission to use information related to creation and customization of the website.”

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Open Website Tutorials Inc is one of the leading companies in providing free tutorials and tips on creating websites. Through their online platform,, the company provides various tutorials on creating websites and fine tuning existing websites. The company also publishes featured articles on making money online, affiliate programs and tips on e-commerce. The company is known for its step-by-step tutorial called “Build Your Own Website in Under 30 mins”.

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