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Open Wide! Orthodontists Urged to Ramp Up Marketing in Fight to "Win Back" Business from over-Zealous GPs

Led by industry marketing professional, Teran Dale, the team at ‘The Wealthy Orthodontist’ is today urging all orthodontists to recognize that effective proven marketing could be their best weapon against the growing threat of over-confident and disloyal General Practitioner dentists. In a climate where the GP is often wrongly choosing to keep orthodontic work in-house rather than refer it to specialists, Orthodontists literally face the challenge of better marketing their practices or having to swallow the bitter taste of closure. Those wishing to fight back now have the tools to do, thanks to The Wealthy Orthodontist’s powerful new book, with a foreword by Dr. James Noble.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2014 -- The General Practice Dentist and the Orthodontist were once solid allies; with Dentists providing a steady stream of qualified referrals and only performing procedures within the realm of their skillset. However, this harmonious relationship has divorced itself of late; with the General Practitioner now often opting to keep patients all to themselves and perform the work that should be left to Orthodontic specialists.

One organization is choosing to fight back – urging all Orthodontists to take a bite out of GPs’ business by ramping up their marketing efforts.

The Wealthy Orthodontist, headed by Teran Dale, is something of an industry army; committed to re-establishing the client base and status that Orthodontists work years to boast. The organization’s new book makes up their formal battle plan, outlining everything Orthodontists need to do to exploit their available marketing options and ensure their hard work isn’t devalued.

“The truth is that many Orthodontists feel that the industry is turning a blind eye to them and literally forgetting about the hard work they have expended to get to where they are,” explains Dale, a renowned industry marketing expert. “General Practice Dentists are trained in the basics of orthodontics; but they’re not certified to carry out orthodontic work – which requires three to four years of extra education and training. With people visiting the dentist less often due to their finances, GPs are choosing to keep the orthodontic work in-house and the specialists are really suffering.”

Continuing, “This is forcing Orthodontists to somewhat forget about their profession and instead become business/salespeople. Learning about and focusing on marketing is now as important as the ongoing medical training they receive. The good news is that solid and diligent marketing can help them set up a new client base, win back patients and get their status and bottom lines back to where it should be. We’ve got it all laid out for them; if they’re willing to follow our blueprint.”

Teran and his team have recently released their acclaimed new book ‘Step-By-Step Marketing Formula of a Wealthy Orthodontist’. The book cuts to the chase, exposing the simple yet vital marketing each Orthodontist must put in place to re-establish their visibility, authority and ultimately their finances. By following the book’s step-by-step format, readers are guaranteed to generate at least $25,000 of revenue or they’ll get their investment back.

“As consultants we were initially called in to find out why the Orthodontist industry was failing. We diligently worked to discover that most Orthodontists have forgotten about their marketing, which destroys their status as the “go to” experts. We’ve now released a book to remedy this ‘leak’ and it’s up to each specialist to decide if they want to save themselves or not,” Dale adds.

Those willing to join the fight can find out more information and get their copy of the book here: http://www.wealthyorthodontist.com/Proven.

Be sure to watch the video on the website’s homepage, to understand the full breadth of the threat General Practice Dentists are posing.

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