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New Open Track Day Website Lets Amateur Street Bike Riders Search for Open Track Events Around the Country


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2011 -- Opentrackday.com a new Website that makes it easy to locate local track day events around the country recently came on line. The Website is geared to motorized sport bike riders in a variety of categories and skill levels as well as a number of car event types. Open-track events provide a professional environment for seasoned and novice riders looking for open track day events for individuals and groups around the country on professional courses.

Open track events continue to grow in popularity among novice and intermediate sport bike riders around the country looking for fun, experience and training. Traditionally, there is no sanctioning body for trackday events and are usually organized by a promoter who rents a track and sets up the parameters for the day, which can range from vehicle/bike types, race types and defined levels of speed and entrant experience parameters. Riders pay a set fee to participate, sign the liability release and are then cleared to race.

Run groups generally are divided by experience with groups for every comfort level ranging from beginners to intermediate. Each run group usually gets a set amount of track time per session or event with as many as five advanced events/sessions per day. Some events provide instructors to aid the learning process. As amateur events, participants bring their own vehicles or bikes and primarily come to test and improve their skills.

The searchable tracks and trackdays on opentrackday.com can provide a variety of parameters for street bike racers. Participants can find CVMA accredited new racer schools, which allow riders to obtain a CVMA license with timed laps, instruction and mock races. Numerous tracks provide group racing for experienced track riders, and licensed racers. The tracks and track day parameters may be divided by individual racers or groups.

Group events range from riders who have many track days under their belts, who understand the rules and are comfortable at riding at a very quick pace, to experienced street-oriented rider groups who have only a small amount of track experience (or no previous track experience. The latter events provide a moderately fast pace.

The Website lets users search for trackday events for sport bike, dirt bike, supermoto, Kart and car. Event choices include new racer schools, open track, trackday, dirt track, drag, oval and many other types within any area of the country. Track days are searchable by event and/or track/provider with more than 100 choices from which to search and choose. Scheduled events can be searched by day and month as well.

Once finding the event, month, day, track and provider, the user will see local weather for the week, event entrance costs as well as the type of events held at the track on that particular day. Users can also submit new events, tracks and providers to the database with all parameters open for inclusion. To search for trackday events, please visit http://www.opentrackday.com/