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OpenHandType Showcases Its Choices for the Best Gaming Router Available in 2016

Peter Hall, the chief editor at OpenHandType, has revealed the site’s top gaming router picks for the year.


Chardon, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2016 -- With so many of our gadgets having constant online access and the Internet of things becoming a much more realistic possibility, gamers often find themselves with a lack of bandwidth when partaking in their favorite multiplayer games. Since no one likes being deprived of the perfect kill due to lag, Peter Hall, the chief editor of OpenHandType, has published the site's premier picks for gaming routers in 2016.

"People don't realize it, but having the right router is crucial for every aspect of your online experience," Hall elaborated. "There are models out there that let you take advantage of your full bandwidth on up to 8 separate devices, and even seasoned gamers just don't know a lot about this stuff."

As OpenHandType clearly demonstrates, the need for more information is there and users might not even realize that there are solutions out there to help them manage their bandwidth in a much more controllable way. The guide offers gaming enthusiasts as well as other interested users a look at a number of gaming routers that have made their mark this year and does so in an unbiased, straightforward way. Each device is reviewed, its strengths and weaknesses are clearly outlined and Hall concludes each review with a few personal observations on the performance and usefulness of each model in a real environment.

There's also a more general set of factors readers should keep in mind before committing to any one router, as well as an overview table where each product's basic specifications are on display side by side, making comparison at a glance easier. Hall aims for a healthy mix of hard data and expert opinions, which are presented in a way both, people familiar with the jargon, as well as novices will find understandable.

The aim of OpenHandType is to keep its readers up to date on the latest trends and developments when it comes to gaming accessories. Other than routers, interested readers can find expert information on headsets, desks and other paraphernalia on the site, all of it regularly updated and there to provide the consumer with a more informed choice.

For more information, Hall can be reached by phone at +1-440-285-1880 or by visiting online.

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