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Opioid Abuse Treatment Can Help Pennsylvanians Beat Addiction


Pottstown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2018 -- Residents of Pennsylvania who are struggling with the use of opioids or heroin are encouraged by the team at Community Health and Dental Care to take steps now to fight against their addiction by seeking treatment for heroin addiction in Montgomery County. As more and more men and women in Pennsylvania see and feel the effects of the country's opioid crisis, healthcare professionals are providing hope through comprehensive rehabilitation and treatment.

Though opioid addiction is a growing problem throughout the United States that can affect any community or group of people, the residents of Pennsylvania have been hit especially hard in the battle against addictive substances. Earlier this year, Governor Tom Wolf signed a statewide disaster declaration to enhance the state's response and increase visibility and awareness for treatment options. Pennsylvanians have experienced a significant impact when it comes to opioid and heroin addiction, with an estimated 12 men and women losing their lives as a result of overdoses every day.

Medication-assisted treatment, which is available from the team at Community Health and Dental Care, addresses the root causes of addiction and provides long-term solutions that can assist those struggling with opioids or heroin to reduce their dependency in the short-term and sustain sobriety in the long-term. Those struggling with an addiction are urged to seek treatment, as quitting "cold-turkey" can often have life-altering and sometimes fatal consequences.

There is hope available for those struggling with addiction. Whether one is in need of treatment to work towards a better life or help from a reliable OBGYN medical center in Pottstown, the team at Community Health and Dental Care is here for Pennsylvania. Interested parties are encouraged to make the call today to 800-589-6212 to learn more and to get started on the path to a better life.

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