Opportunities and Key Players in Clinical Nutrition: The Market for Enteral, Parenteral and Infant Nutrition in the US and the EU


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In both the US and EU, the clinical nutrition industry is undergoing a significant shift as major players re-align their businesses. While some are divesting clinical nutrition operations to focus on prescription medicines, others are building their capabilities to expand their presence in clinical nutrition. This is resulting in some players, such as Novartis, exiting the market while others, like Nestlé, are growing. Demand for clinical nutrition products continues to rise with aging populations that are using more health care products and services, as well as a rising rate of premature births that is fueling increases in infant clinical nutrition. Rising demand, coupled with the introduction of sophisticated new clinical nutrition products, will support market growth over the next five years.

‘Opportunities and Key Players in Clinical Nutrition: The market for enteral, parenteral and infant nutrition in the US and the EU’ is a nutrition report published by Business Insights report that provides an in-depth analysis of the clinical nutrition industry within the US and EU, including sales forecasts from 2008 to 2013. It offers a detailed breakdown of the products, positions and market shares of the leading manufacturers of clinical nutrition products, as well as a discussion of other important players such as ingredient suppliers and service providers. This report defines clinical nutrition as nutritional products used under the supervision (but not necessarily prescription) of a physician in accordance with the US Orphan Drug Act; therefore, forecasts may differ from some other nutrition product estimates.

Key Findings

Parenteral nutrition will demonstrate the strongest growth, at 11.3% per year, on average, followed by enteral nutrition with 7.4% annual growth and infant nutrition with 7.0%.

In the United States, approximately 465,000 persons relied upon clinical nutrition in 2008. Over the next 5 years, this group will expand by 8.7% per year, with the greatest growth in the parenteral segment (11.3% annually) followed by enteral tube feeding (8.9% per year).

In the EU, more than 650,000 individuals utilized clinical nutrition in 2008. Through 2013, the total number of European clinical nutrition patients will expand by 7.7% per year.

No single company represents more than about 20% of the market, as few have expertise in both the US and EU regions for all three clinical nutrition segments.

Use this report to...

Understand the latest trends and developments in clinical nutrition patient populations and identify the products and ingredients associated with each term of treatment.

Quantify future growth areas in the clinical nutrition market based on this report’s analysis and forecasts of the clinical nutrition market by region (US, EU) and segment (enteral, parenteral, infant) from 2008-2013.

Identify the drivers and key issues that are shaping the clinical nutrition segment across the EU and the US and how they will impact product formulation and marketing in 2009 and beyond.

Benchmark your competitive position aganist other players in the clinical nutrition market using this report’s analysis of the performance of key players including Abbott Clinical Nutrition, B. Braun Medical, Baxter, Danone Baby and Medical Nutrition, Fresenius Kabi, Hospira, Mead Johnson, Nestlé HealthCare Nutrition & Wyeth.

Key issues...

Consolidation. The clinical nutrition industry is undergoing consolidation as major players either divest or acquire operations. This will result in heightened competition as the market whittles down to those companies most determined to carve out leading positions.

New Product Development. The makers of parenteral therapies are introducing sophisticated new clinical nutrition products that will replace many of the older, less cutting edge products.

Aging Population. Demand for products is rising strongly with aging populations in the US and EU as well as rising rates of premature birth in both regions.

Homecare. Increasing utilization of home care is expanding the usage of clinical nutrition in the home, driving demand for products that are simple to use.

Your questions answered

Why is the clinical nutrition market growing so quickly?

Which segment of the clinical nutrition market will experience the strongest growth?

What patient population will drive the greatest market growth?

Which diseases account for the greatest proportion of clinical nutrition patients?

What characteristic do the most successful clinical nutrition companies share?

Which type of companies will gain market share over the next 5 years?

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