Opportunities for Income Growth Now Available Through Vidcommx


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- VidCommX recently released their innovative, on-trend platform, which allows start-up entrepreneurs to mobilise, channelize, and commercialise personal and professional emails with video integration defined as video emails.

VidCommX is the first of its kind combining five major trends from today’s society into its concept; emailing, video streaming, high level mastermind groups such as industry leaders, personal development, and online advertisement. VidCommX helps companies increase their online presence using the viral nature of videos, while giving them the most targeted views of a users’ inbox to their products, as they allow individuals sending personal emails to their contacts cash in on the views attained on their videos.

The process is simple. Publisher account subscribers turn their personal emails into video emails to advertise products and services of affiliate account registrants looking for exposure for their offerings. Each 1000 views can earn a publisher roughly five to ten dollars. Publishers can generate twice as much money from commission made on referrals to the programme resulting in a purchase, and from their combined team’s usage and sales income. Affiliate users get to showcase products demos, broadcast news, advise about their services, and develop potential sales leads from the direct consumer advertising achieved through this opportunity. VidCommX helps all users to personally develop and grow their income and market share as they take part in this pioneering adventure.

Use of the platform is not only lucrative but also quite easy. Integrating videos into emails and customising them with the endless variety of ready-to-use templates offered with the subscription, requires no typing, no composition, no proofreading, nor editing, just jazzy moving images that speak a thousand words. It’s a great model for small business owners, Internet marketers, videographers, salesmen, and more.

To start today, it’s as basic as signing up using the online form.

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Founders VidCommX declare on their website that “It’s the first time ever that a company has taken a unique approach to merge the already existing massive video email market with the rapid growing online advertising industry...”

About VidCommX
VidCommX General Trading LLC is a company registered in Dubai, U.A.E. This enterprise with a start-up capital value of $1M Dirhams resulted from a merger of a group of four leading companies. With 60 years of combined experience in the technology, management, marketing, and venture capital fields, it includes affiliations to global companies from Russia, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, UAE, and Australia. They strive to connect the world more efficiently, help people change their lives, and have fun and make money at the same time!

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