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Link Hills, KwaZulu-Natal -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Personal credit analysis is no longer considered as a time consuming task. Presently, clients have the exclusive option of conducting credit checks and tracking their current financial status. offers a unique platform to run credit checks online. Based in South Africa, the company brings out a simple online credit score check in a quick manner.

As stated by company owner, “The Company specializes in personal credit score checking offered as a 3 in 1 credit report”. The personal credit evaluation is done on the basis of a summary or reports published by 3 leading credit bureaus based in South Africa. Each of the credit reports published by these credit bureaus is combined into one single report. The company provides clients the option to access information relating to personal credit profile activity, credit status and defaults on payments all in one single credit analysis document.

“We as a credit analysis company offers a 24/7 credit check service to specific clients via online”, adds the company owner. It is possible for clients to access information from anywhere online in an easy and secure manner. puts forward a simple process of credit checking for clients. As part of this initiative, it is essential for users to complete an online registration process. An online application form needs to be filled in correctly by entering client information such as name, surname, ID number, email id and income and then the same may be submitted. The clients will have quick access to credit check report which will clearly rate the credit score based on different parameters.

The information entered while filling in online credit checking form will remain fully confidential and secure. The credit report generated will be sent to the clients via email. The company associates with some of the top technology service providers in obtaining and combining information from 3 credit agencies operating in South Africa. Clients also have the option to read informative articles related to different topics like credit check and analysis. For further information on credit score checking, visit, the company’s official website.

The company,, provides an opportunity for clients to determine the credit status by simply running a credit check online. Clients are given the specific option to access the credit score as three in one credit report published on the basis of analysis done by 3 leading credit agencies in South Africa. The company offers a round the clock credit check service via online. It is essential for candidates to register online to avail this specific credit check service.

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