Optica Offers Designer Sunglasses and Glass Frames in Kenya


Nairobi, Kenya -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2020 -- Founded in the year 1959, Optica is a renowned eye center that's making a huge difference in the Kenyan optical industry through its variety of eye care products. Featuring a team of optical experts, the company has grown to earn an unmatched reputation for itself, where it's associated with top-quality, affordable, and exceptional optical care services. Optica carries in its portfolio a whole range of items from eyeglasses to contact lenses, which they customize to meet varying client demands. The eye clinic has further made strong collaboration with well-known optical brands, enabling them to offer nothing short of excellence when one partners with them.

Giving insights about contact lenses, the clinic's spokesperson commented, "The optical world is getting advanced by the day, and this can be seen in the range of eye aides that can be found in the marketplace today. One of the exciting creations in the optical world is the wide range of contact lenses, which plays an integral role in helping individuals correct various refractive errors. Contact lenses add or subtract focus power to the eye's lens and cornea, making them just as effective as eyeglasses. At Optica, we're proud of the innovative contact lenses, and that's why we feature a variety of contact lenses in our inventory. One can choose from daily contact lenses, monthly contact lenses, or colored contact lenses – with the guarantee of great performance regardless of the lens they choose."

Optica has evolved to become the perfect choice for individuals looking to get glasses frames at affordable prices. The company carries with it a whole range of glass frames such as Oxygene 9025, Oxygene T8804, Cactus S1765, Oxygene G087, Cactus Waltz, Couture Jasper, Optica Om361-2, and Optica M8034 among others. These glass frames have been sourced from manufacturers using quality materials, and offer excellent designs as well as comfortability and elegance. They also come in different colors, and one can be sure to find an option that best fits their taste and style.

Speaking about why one should seek their eye care solutions, the clinic's spokesperson said, "Since we made an entrance into the eye care industry, we've always been about providing solutions that will allow individuals to achieve the best optical health. Eyes are just as important as any other part of the body, and thus, one should ensure they take care of this beautiful gift. At Optica, we exist to ensure that you have all the tools you need for the perfect optical health. We offer eye test services and carry eye care products for different eye problems. Additionally, our team of opticians are always ready to attend to any eye care requirements, and you can always expect excellence."

Individuals looking to purchase designer sunglasses in Kenya can do so when they partner with Optica. The eye care center has been known to carry some of the best sunglass designs made for the modern consumer. These sunglass designs offer different shapes, colors, and have been designed to provide the wearer with the comfort and reliability they need. More details on the company's designer sunglasses can be found on their website.

About Optica
Optica is a Kenyan-based eye care center famed for its advancements in the optical industry. The facility is associated with some of the best optical shops in Nairobi and can be trusted to always provide high-quality optical solutions at all times.