Optigraphics Sets the Standard in Lenticular Printing

Liven Up a Promotional Mailing, Sign or Item with the Help of Optigraphics


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2013 -- According to Marketingforecast.com, lenticular printing provides an advertiser with the opportunity to speak to two or three target audiences in one message, saving businesses money while still getting their message across. "Companies looking to improve their overall marketing strategy need to consider lenticular printing as a viable option because it is a low cost marketing method which allows for a great return on investment,” Taylor White of Optigraphics declares.

The human eye naturally turns to a moving object and 3D lenticular works to mimic movement so the eye sees a stationary, flat object as one that is moving. "Studies show that consumers study animated graphics for a longer period of time than they do a stationary one, which is of great importance as the average consumer attention span, according to Statistic Brain, is only eight seconds. For each second above and beyond these eight seconds that a consumer views a lenticular image, the more likely they are to remember the product or service being sold. This is just one of the many services we offer companies as there are many others which may better meet a client 's needs, " White explains.

Liven up an existing concept with the help of scent reveal, scratch and sniff technology. Of the five senses, memory remains most closely associated with smell, therefore the use of scented ink allows a consumer to draw a connection between a memory they have and a product being sold. "Before the customer links the smell to a memory though, the scent draws him or her in and directs their attention to the product or service being offered. Optigraphics offers thousands of scented inks to add the personal touch to any promotional item or mailing and, for those customers with a favorite designer fragrance, this option remains available also, “White continues.

Optigraphics sets the standard in lenticular printing. Established in 1970, this company continues at the forefront in both customer services and printing technology. "No matter what size or type of order you have or what medium you would like to use, we’ll be more than happy to work with you to bring the project you imagine to fruition,” White exclaims.

About Optigraphics
Optigraphics stands out in the lenticular printing industry, thanks to the broad range of products and services they are able to offer clients. With the help of their interlacing expertise and state-of-the-art printing capabilities, Optigraphics turns mundane point-of-purchase and promotional marketing materials into works of art to entice the target audience. Choose from Opti-Multiphase, Opti-Morph, Opti-Zoom, Opti-2 Phase and Opti-3D lenticular technologies or make use of conventional and UV printing, prepress services and finishing services. Optigraphics opened in 1970 and continues to be the optimal lenticular company in the industry.