Optikal.com Reiterates the Successful Ways of Boosting Brand Engagement in Social Media


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2015 -- There are a lot of reasons why a brand is popular and why people talk about a particular brand especially in social media. But, people talking about a company using these platforms are beyond anyone's control and all that is left to do is to just react and do something about it. Social media truly has made an overwhelming impact in the lives of people and of course in the world of business and marketing.

When people talk about a brand in social media, it increases the brand's omnipresence and, therefore, it will be an effective way to leverage the sales and be able to reach beyond the expected profitable gains. To keep people talking about a brand online here are some useful tips:

- When hiring an advertising agency, companies should ensure that they concentrate in producing eye-catching images to be integrated with the ads. Visual storytelling is what's in for 2015. Vibrant and high-quality photos will be able to convey a clear message to web visitors about the brand. This has increased the ROI for most influential brands globally.

- Posting content in the form of articles or books can also be a great way to impart relevant and valuable ideas to social media aficionados. However, content would be more appealing if they are short and concise. Short and straight-to-the-point articles could generate about 30% more responses rather than posting an article of 500 words or more in social media networks.

- To be able to have more people engaged, it has been proven that if an advertiser uses a question rather than a statement, there are more people who comment and interact. A proven fact is that questions would generate about 15% more engagement than just posting a statement on a Facebook page for instance.

- Creating a catchy cover photo for a brand social media page creates great impact to visitors. This is supported by the fact that amazing and high-resolution photos are attention-grabbing and eye-catching; this will entice people to engage.

- Posting the brand's milestones provides people to look deeper into how the company started will make people more curious and talk about the brand. In addition, integrating exceptional and superb visual content will make people more curious thereby boosting the people's engagement to the brand.

- The most common error of brands is their failure to respond promptly to people who visit their social media page. For people to feel that the brand is not just concerned about promotion and advertisement, personal engagement and interaction are imperative. It is also important to like and comment on people's posts and statuses.

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