Optikal.com Tackles the Expert Advice on the Most Successful Ways in Leveraging Big Data in Marketing Strategy

The substantial amounts of data collected from their own business processes and from their clients using diversified means and approaches are referred to as “Big Data”. Smartly leveraging “big data” can result to dramatic improvements in the business’s marketing strategies.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2016 -- One of the most controversial and highly relevant questions that most online companies ask is about the difference between regular data and what we call "big data". It is absolutely important to know the significant differences of the two to be able to leverage marketing strategies. However, the integration of big data marketing has proven to result to booming success among online businesses globally.

The substantial amounts of data collected from their own business processes and from their clients using diversified means and approaches are referred to as "Big Data". Smartly leveraging "big data" can result to dramatic improvements in the business's marketing strategies.

However, the most important and most relevant question to ask at this point is, "What is the most effective way to leverage big data in the marketing strategy?" Experts have different views and ideas regarding this, but here are some of the most valuable advice from business icons:

Mark Harrington

According to this young Vice President of Marketing for Clutch, an ideal way is by consolidating and fusing all their fragmented client data sources to the point-of-sale system, mobile applications, social networking accounts and eCommerce in line with innovative consumer management technology.

Jason Parks

He is also a young business tycoon who owns a Columbus-based digital marketing company called "The Media Captain" says that businesses can utilize a retargeting pixel at the backend of their business website through the implementation of displaying a re-targeting campaign. This is specifically done for the purpose of making branded advertisements to those potential clients who visit the business website. According to this young business expert and he firmly believes that this is the most efficient way in generating the low cost per acquisition and at the same time targeting specific customers.

Bryan Clayton

He is the CEO of a company best described as Uber for Lawn Care, a company popularly known as GreenPal. His idea is simply by combining big data with readily accessible census data for marketing insights. He believes that by analyzing all the information that a business generates, it could clearly determine which of all the marketing strategies are working perfectly in leveraging the sales and revenue. From here, business owners can decide which marketing tactics to focus on and which needs to be tweaked and improved.

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