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Optimal US Logistics, LLC Releases New Version of Cloud-Based Shipping Dashboard

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Clearwater, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2017 -- Optimal US Logistics, LLC is pleased to announce that they have released a new version of their cloud-based shipping dashboard. Cloud technology has interconnected the digital world and has proven to be an integral and essential part in business operations and their growth. With this technology, businesses can be assured of effective collaboration between all parties involved and have an enhanced visibility of their supply chain management system.

This technology increases the efficiency in operations such as reducing the repetitive tasks that are most common while configuring the routes, workflow management, etc. Cloud technology helps in automation of data for the purpose of automated workflow and real time data analysis thereby reducing the need for excess human resources leading to cost effectiveness. The technology also allows the management to make better decisions depending upon the data analysis and without having to depend on the workforce.

The other advantage with cloud-based shipping is that it helps in proper scheduling wherein the shipper and the freight forwarder can have a full view of shipments, the transit and delivery status. When the management is aware of their state of operations, it only becomes easy to take corrective actions on time and address any negative issues that may hamper the freight system. The system also enables point of confirmation and regular checks at periodic internals. This is a crucial process especially when the freight forwarders need to alert their clients with some important information.

The cloud based shipping dashboard of Optimal US Logistics helps them through customization as well as improvement of existing operations thereby meeting the customer requirements in a fast and efficient manner. The communication channel is much more efficient wherein knowledge is better shared between the users involved in a particular freight management task right from procurement to delivery. Last but not the least, the technology allows the company to make consistent improvement whenever and wherever necessary. There are different tools available in this system which can be used for accurate reporting and analysis.

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