Asia Hawk Pte Ltd

Optimize Productivity, Visibility, and Revenues Using GreeneStep ERP

Asia Hawk introduces the integrated business management software suited to the needs of SMBs


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- Integrated business management solutions, which enable large manufacturing firms to operate more efficiently for increased productivity and profits, are made available to small and medium sized businesses (SMB) through the GreeneStep ERP OnCloud Business Suite.

Especially designed for SMBs in the service and retail sectors, the software can integrate various company operations and run the entire business while providing enterprise solutions in modular capsules. It covers Products and Services Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Point of Sales (POS), Purchases Management, Warehouse Management, Accounting and Finance, eCommerce Web Store, and HelpDesk and Operations Management, among others.

Since it has the needs of SMBs in mind, GreeneStep ERP is very flexible and can be used regardless of of company size and its business practices. Moreover, it is conveniently accessible via smartphones and tablet PCs including iPhone, iPad, and Android.

“This powerful software is packed with features, highly customisable, secure, and easy to use. It is multi-company, multi-site, multi-currency, and multi-warehouse enabled and can be deployed in as fast as two weeks,” Anson Ang, Director of Asia Hawk Pte Ltd. “With GreeneStep ERP, streamline processes by consolidating multiple systems and enjoy a seamless flow of information across departments so everyone performs better. Also, improve visibility in the company’s operations with instant access to critical business information in real time.”

Asia Hawk recommends this to SMBs engaged in auto parts and accessories, consumer durables and furniture, electronics and computers, information technology services, apparel and sporting goods, and services and consulting.

The quality of data it provides business owners enables them to make better forecasts for improved decision-making. For instance, Inventory Control is made easy and accurate with GreeneStep ERP saving the company money in the long run. It can manage multiple product data and specifications, report item pricing, stock status, valuation and turnover, perform stock tracking, physical counts, adjustments and transfers, provide real-time information on total inventory across locations, and many more.

In addition, its Warehouse Management provides total inventory on hand across the region or details at specific warehouses and bins all in real-time, as well as maintains optimum stock and promptly fulfills orders.

Even its iPad POS system can track store orders in real-time, cope with high traffic POS scenarios and on-account sales, integrate with back-office accounting and credit card processors, and show audit trails for daily reports that allow cash registers for reconciliation.

Its CRM capability can track demographics and buying patterns to retain customers. conduct seasonal and customised campaigns to reach prospects, maintain customer interaction history and transaction data, allow leads and customer analysis, and track sales leads and activities from initial contact to final closing.

Likewise, SMBs can leverage on additional revenue channels with GreeneStep ERP’s ecommerce capability that allows products to be marketed on the web. The eCommerce Web Store features multiple web shops options, social media link, online order status tracking, automatic order notification via email, and online catalogues with multiple price lists, among others.

With GreeneStep ERP, SMBs get scalable and reliable business management software that supports unified collaboration and communication, centralized data and information, and standardised processes and systems across the enterprise. Find out more at or call +65 6347 7778 for a free trial.