Optimizing QuickBooks Files for Cognitive Results


Kington, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2021 -- Optimizing QuickBooks files would include performing several actions to ensure that QuickBooks run smoothly and efficiently.

QuickBooks maintains a transaction log file (.tlg) that is used parallel to a manual, verified backup routine. The issue with the .tlg file is that it has the ability to grow and can often become bigger than a company file (.qbw) itself. When the .tlg file does exceed the size of the company file (.qbw) size, it would be required to do a manual backup with the primary reason to reduce the .tlg file size.

Some other alternatives include reducing database file fragments. The more the fragments, the lower the performance. Additionally, large numbers of forms with the "to be printed" flag set can also detriment performance.

Running the clean-up utility reduces the company file's overall size. For QuickBooks Pro and Premier, Intuit recommends keeping data files under 100 MB. The clean up utility removes unused list items and consolidates closed transactions, resulting in smaller file size and improving performance. Avoiding excessive use of sub-accounts, sub-items, and jobs results in improved performance.

Also, with a limit on list items such as classes, customers and jobs, these can differ based on the QuickBooks version, and subject to change from year to year. "Because it's hard to keep track of these wavering changes, it's probably simpler to remember that if your total number of items is below 10,000, you're safe with QuickBooks Pro and Premier, while the same number is 100,000 for Enterprise," E-Tech's John Rocha said.

Rocha recommends optimizing QuickBooks files larger than 500MB every 6 to 12 months to ensure they run at optimal performance. "Optimizing a file will copy all data into a new data file, remove unwanted temporary data to bring down file size by 25 to 40 percent. This will improve the performance and stability of the data file," he said.

E-Tech pledges to optimize the size and performance of the QuickBooks data file. The size of the data file is reduced by up to 50 percent by copying all data into a new data file, removing temporary data, and re-indexing the file.

More service specifications for E-Tech's QuickBooks File Optimization Service can be seen at https://quickbooksrecovery.co.uk/quickbooks-file-data-services/quickbooks-file-optimization-service/.

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