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Optimum Design Associates Releases New Webinar Chronicling Process to Achieve Lean NPI


Pleasanton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- Optimum Design Associates, an industry leader of PCB layout, engineering, and electronic manufacturing services (EMS), announces the completion and availability of a new webinar entitled "Implementing Lean NPI." Hosted by Optimum President Nick Barbin, "Implementing Lean NPI" is the final installment of the company's webinar series on lean manufacturing topics. The webinar is available to view online at http://youtu.be/8GLm1jjWnU0.

The webinar chronicles a cooperative study with Mentor Graphics to observe and review Optimum’s existing business process model used for new product introduction. Throughout the study, process areas were identified where changes could be implemented to make the process leaner and more productive. This moved processes towards a best practice Lean NPI model that was identified in a previous webinar in the series.

Optimum co-founder and president Nick Barbin, an accomplished PCB designer with over two decades of experience, hosts. Mr. Barbin is a winner of the PCB Design West Top Gun award, and a member of the Top Gun Hall of Fame.

The webinar is a valuable resource for PCB designers, project and program managers, NPI engineers and project development managers, illustrating an existing business' move to a more Lean NPI model and the affects that it creates for processes and productivity. Viewers will learn how the process model for Lean NPI was developed at Optimum and how using ODB++ is a key factor in moving processes to a lean model. The webinar will also cover how to track and measure the improvements that occur after adopting a Lean NPI model. Additionally, Mr. Barbin will discuss the process of continuous improvement at Optimum and the future enhancements to the Lean NPI process that are to come.

About Optimum Design Associates
Optimum Design Associates is an ISO 9001:2000, industry-leading provider of PCB layout, engineering, and turnkey electronic manufacturing services (EMS). Established in 1991, Optimum designs and manufactures complex, high-speed electronic assemblies for some of the world's leading high-tech firms. The company's award-winning designers are highly skilled and proficient with the latest tools and techniques. For more information, please visit http://www.optimumdesign.com.