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Optimum Home Security Launches Security Awareness Campaign

Buffalo's crime rate remains high, leading to the need for secured properties


Buffalo, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- According to data collected by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Buffalo ranks number 11 in terms of violent crimes when it comes to major cities in America. The bureau looks at 104 cities when conducting this research and limits the included cities to those with 200,000 citizens or more. According to the report, citizens reported 3,380 violent crimes for 2012 or 1,288 violent crimes for every 100,000 citizens.

"Citizens concerned about their safety need to consider home security systems, yet many become confused when researching the various options as the choices are numerous. OptimumHomeSecurity Buffalo (homesecuritysystemsbuffalony.com) functions to reduce the confusion surrounding these systems, offering information on a wide range of systems, along with home security tips," Paul Allen, Optimum Home Security spokesperson (http://homesecuritysystemsbuffalony.com), declares.

The first step one needs to take when purchasing a home security system involves understanding what one wants and needs. Some prefer a self contained system while others find a monitoring service best fits their current situation. When this decision has been made, consumers need to determine if they wish to have a wireless system or a wired one, along with what features are desired.

"Optimum Home Security offers a guide to selecting a home security system. The guide covers what to look for in systems of this type, how to obtain an affordable system, should one install a system of this type without assistance, and more. The more one knows before making a purchase, the easier the process becomes," Allen continues.

In addition to the guide offered through Optimum Home Security, the site offers tips to help one keep his or her home secure at all times. One learns how to determine if the home is secure and the importance of having a home security system. In addition, the site provides tips designed to make the home more secure and tips on installation.

"Visit Optimum Home Security today to discuss safeguarding one's home. Although the crime rate in Buffalo has decreased slightly over the past few years, it has yet to reach zero. Until it does and stays there, every home and property in the city is at risk. Protect the home and/or office with the help of a security system. The peace of mind one receives with the installation of the system easily offsets the actual cost of the system," Allen states.

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Optimum Home Security understands there is nothing more important than a person's family and their personal possessions and works to help consumers find the best security system for their home and family. In addition to home alarm system reviews, the site provides home security tips, and information on DIY home security systems along with wireless security camera systems, to ensure consumers have the tools needed to make an informed decision.