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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- Trading Options becomes far more profitable with a binary robot making the right predictions for traders, much thanks to Option Bot. The Option Bot was created by Gary Davies and launched in the market of binary calculating bots on 24th September 2012. Claims have been made that it is “The world's most accurate binary options robot”.

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The website simplifies the use of Option Bot for beginners as well as amateur traders who are looking to try their luck at making a few more bucks at home. Although the word risk is synonymous with anything to do with trading options, people are advised to trade with 'risk capital' and not to trade without prior trading information. Even with the risk factor involved, the significance of trading options cannot be denied or overlooked. Companies especially multinationals are investing millions in selling shares and while most people steer clear of investments tied with risk, the profitability is undeniably high.

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Option Bot is available for a free 7 day trial period along with a lifetime license for only $97 for single users and $197 for commercial use which allows unlimited number of users. The Bot is downloadable and compatible for most Windows Operating Systems. With a 60 day money-back guarantee, Option Bot allows traders to calculate and make the most accurate choices for trading.

Option Bot works in three simple steps. The first it to download the program and launch the software to an individual's laptop or computer. A login code is emailed to the user while the software is downloaded which is then used to create accounts on the software. The second step is to select the platforms from the drop down menu. It is recommended to create 5 accounts from each platform. Users may begin trade with 1 or 2 accounts in the beginning but it would make less profit per hour.

Trade advice given by Option Bot sends an alert which displays the shift in trend of currency pairs. In case of a neutral shift in trend, Option Bot does not give an alert to buy or sell options as the result could go either way. Option Bot does not give profitable advice 10 out of 10 times but it still shows accurate results most of the times. People have testified that they have made upto $1700 US dollars in 45 minutes. A British woman who was given Option Bot in the beta testing phase said that she won a remarkable ?12,000 in 5 days while trading options using the advice she got from Option Bot. Even with the high profitability, most people are reluctant to place their trust or invest in a Bot that indicates advice for trading options.

About Option Bot
Option Bot is a binary options bot that basically provides the live trading feed for the users to help them making profitable trades.

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