Joe Bragg Gives Ordinary People the Knowledge to Make Money Trading Options


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- Wall Street financial wizardry has always seemed an impregnable and cryptic world for the average guy. Most people understand that fortunes are won, and lost, by the mysterious mechanism of the financial markets, but few understand exactly how it all works. However, the Internet is starting to democratize this information. Now ordinary people are learning about building their own fortune by trading financial instruments online. “Options” are one area where novices are finding success.

A key player in this sphere is, a website that provides a comprehensive guide on how high-finance novices can make real money by trading in options. It has generated a significant reputation for helping relatively inexperienced traders build profitable trades.

One of the most important first steps in options trading is finding the right broker, and specializes in pointing site visitors in the right direction. All of the major online options trading brokers are comprehensively reviewed on the site, with their strengths and weaknesses clearly outlined.

The site also has a regularly updated news section, where relevant happenings in the financial world are reported in order to inform the new options traders that visit the site.

The “Options University” section is an incredibly comprehensive learning resource for new options traders. Basic, intermediate and advanced topics are covered in depth. is perhaps such an effective learning tool because of the simple way the information is presented. Advanced trading techniques are explained in plain, simple English that anyone can understand.

A spokesperson for the website said “Big Wall Street banks gain a significant competitive advantage by encouraging a sense of mystique around their money-making activities. Most people would be surprised to find out just how easy to it can be to pick up options trading and make a healthy profit, especially when you are dealing with binary options. The Internet is giving normal people access to online trading platforms, and we’re leading the charge in giving people the information they need to use them effectively. By breaking down the walls of intricate jargon that surrounds finance, we put the power to profitably trade options into your hands. “

About is an online resource for ordinary people who want to start making money by trading options online. The site has a news section, broker reviews, detailed tutorials and much more.

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