optionsbee.com Offers Binary Options Trading Services and Tutorials at Home

New Site Teaches Trading and offers advice to new Traders


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- Optionsbee.com, a fun, brand-new binary trading site, recently began offering online binary trading information and options for new traders. They also offer tutorials and videos to train complete novices in day trading. Optionsbee acts as a portal between different options trading platforms, plus offering the information everyday users need to be successful. They do all of this free of charge to benefit new traders.

What’s New
Optionsbee.com gives personal investors the option of predicting the movement of all types of assets, including stocks, commodities, currencies and indexes. The added benefit comes later, as they say on their website. “Once you get good and start to understand how to digest all the available information, you can literally quit your day job and chill in front of a computer, close to a honey nest, and make money becoming a ‘home trader’”. They also offer a how-to video to explain how it all works, in step-by-step fashion understandable for anyone.

Options, for Any Trader
Optionsbee.com offers more than most day trading sites. They have comprehensive guides to day trading, teaching traders how to read signals and avoid scams, all crucial to the everyday novice trader. They also offer options brokers, outside of their own site, that are ranked based on rate of return. They rate each of the option traders, laying out each of the pros and cons to signing up. The overarching principle: "know what you need to know in binary options trading so you make the best decision."

About Binary Options
Binary options trading, or digital options trading, is simply trading online based on short timeline predictions of certain stocks, bonds, indexes or currencies. Options trading involves making a prediction, based on data, about whether an option is going up or down. According to Optionsbee.com, one can see 60% to 90% ROI (return on investment) depending on the site, the options, and the ability to predict which way the market will go. Optionsbee.com helps novice traders learn this skill and make money quickly.

About Optionsbee.com
Optionsbee.com formed in 2013 to help people learn to trade options better. They believe all people should be able to live life without wondering if they have enough money to provide for themselves. Unlike other sites, Optionsbee.com seeks to show people only the best, up-to-date information on options trading from industry experts, all free to users.

London, UK