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Optometry Equipment from K&R Ophthalmic Service Helps Eye Doctors Perform More Procedures


Franklin, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2012 -- As anyone who has undergone an eye-related procedure at a hospital knows quite well, it can be an expensive and even worrisome experience.

Most patients, if given the opportunity, would rather have their optometrists or ophthalmologists perform any necessary medical services right in their offices. But if eye doctors do not have the proper equipment, there is sometimes no other choice than to refer patients to a hospital.

Thanks to a new precision engineered chair that is now in stock at K&R Ophthalmic Service, more patients will be able to avoid costly and stressful trips to a local eye surgery center.

For over 30 years, K&R Ophthalmic Service has strived to offer each and every one of its clients the highest quality and best optometry and ophthalmic equipment possible. The family owned and operated company recently added the Right Med 2500CH chair to its inventory.

With its automated and precision-engineered motorized auto recline system, the chair extends from a seated to a supine position or any position in between simply by pressing a membrane switch mounted on both sides of the chair. The silent and strong power lift and recline system can handle a capacity up to 500 pounds. The chair is accessible from both sides, and can also be raised and lowered.

The capabilities of the Right Med 2500CH chair are so impressive, many ophthalmologists and optometrists have been able to complete more procedures right in their offices, eliminating some of their patients’ visits to the hospital.

The ability to keep up with the latest optometry equipment and ophthalmic supplies helps to set K&R Ophthalmic Service apart from the competition.

“Whether you are looking for the latest technology or seeking to save money by purchasing used ophthalmic supplies, you can trust K & R Ophthalmic Service to provide high quality equipment for the benefit of you and your patients,” an article on the company’s website noted, adding that the business has a vested interest in providing excellent customer service.

“And we are also highly concerned about the health and well-being of your patients' eyesight. We stand behind every piece of equipment we sell. Your patients trust their eyes to you -- and you can trust their eyes to K & R Ophthalmic Service.”

About K&R Ophthalmic Service
We have been in business over 30 years, and are a family owned/operated business. We are especially proud of our fine service department, which offers complete servicing and reconditioning of all ophthalmic equipment. With K & R Ophthalmic Service, you can get all of your necessary optometry equipment in one place, from a company you can trust. For more information, please visit http://www.kroptic.com