Orange County Boot Camp Helps Feed Children Around the World


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- Though boot camp programs are nothing new, combining this fitness effort with charity is. A new program known as Orange County Boot Camp is now offering a charity in effort to impact children across the globe.

About the Program
The Innovative Results Boot Camp Charity program began in May and was purposed to contribute to children and mothers in El Salvador and Uganda. So far 200 children have participated in this event, and contributions from this charity have been utilized to hold the first Innovative Results Kids Compassion Kids Fair.

Current Contributions
To this day, contributions from the Innovative Results Boot Camp Charity have aided in the completion of a classroom, which will be the location where 35 children will be introduced into the Compassion program. This program provides a daily meal for children within it who might not otherwise receive a meal that day. This program allows individuals to put a name to a statistic and creates the realization that others in the world do not have access to daily food sources like many.

Importance of this Program
Though the Compassion program plays a vital role in combating hunger in El Salvador, not everyone is fortunate enough to be a part of this program. Many still go hungry on a daily basis or resort to rummaging through trash to find a meager portion of food. The impact that a sponsorship has on a child in this program is immeasurable, but can result in ultimately saving a life.

The Crossing
Another form of Orange County Boot Camp Charity that is available to individuals in countries like El Salvador and Uganda and right in Orange County is The Crossing. Focused on partnerships with organizations that lift individuals out of poverty, The Crossing sponsors The Compassion Program with much needed time and money.

For only $10 a person, you can help fight world hunger by participating in this Orange County Boot Camp. Be a part of a group that can say they played a vital role in ending world hunger by participating in this charity. The inspiration participants feel for fitness is combined with a drive for helping others around the world and making a difference.

Individuals who are interested in spending their weekends building muscle and contributing the this cause can contact:
Corey Beasley (Owner)
Innovative Results