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Orange County Fitness Trainers Make Motivation Its Point of Difference


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- A lot of people think that committing to a fit lifestyle is just a matter of individual willpower. However, even the most dedicated of gym goers can encounter a lack of motivation. While many popular gyms resort to buying new equipment or offering new classes to keep members interested, Innovative Results Gym invests in training and educating a devoted coaching team whose top priority is client encouragement and support.

Many fitness professionals often advance their expertise through different types of certifications. But as Innovative Results Gym Co-Owner Aaron Guyett points out, knowing more about current trends isn’t necessarily the key to client success: “The hardest part of training is really motivating people to embrace the science of eating right, hydrating right, and sleeping right.” Guyett has assembled a coaching team founded on the intelligence quotient and the emotional quotient. Intelligence involves being able to create a training program that can yield more power, more strength, and more endurance; emotional is being able to listen well, knowing what words and body language to use, and having skills in leadership, teaching, coaching, and cueing.

To meet and exceed these standards, Innovative Results’ personal trainers search the nation for experts who are the best in their craft. Most notable of these teachers are Jeff Alexander (The Alexander Method of SMR), Jason Dolby and John Buckley (Orange Kettlebell Club), and Martin Rooney (Training for Warriors). As Guyett points out, “Not only are they naturally good at building and keeping relationships, but we also get to learn the technical aspects of their field.”

About Innovative Results
Because Innovative Results’ fitness trainers learn from the best, they are highly equipped to inspire their clients to succeed and push them to go beyond their limits.

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