Orange County Matchmakers Are Taking on the Lack of Spark in Dating

Elite matchmakers in Orange County, Orange County Singles, understand everyone wants to find love, they want that fairy-tale romance, but they’re helping singles understand the true essentials in creating meaningful connections!


Orange County, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- “No spark? No way!” –The all too common attitude of most daters, explains Orange County Singles matchmaker and dating coach. “Of course everyone wants that immediate connection—that chemistry, that spark, that exciting feeling of love at first sight—but this unrealistic expectation is costing many singles the chance of making meaningful connections and finding love,” explains Orange County Singles.

The matchmaking professionals from Orange County Singles often hear from people who say they’ve been out on some great dates—their date was a great match—everything they were looking for in a partner—but somehow there just wasn’t that spark and they want something more—irresistible attraction. So many people believe if they don’t feel an immediate chemistry with someone, sparks, butterflies, and fireworks, they are not the right person for them (onto the next).

The matchmakers from Orange County Singles are adamant with their clients—encouraging them to always give someone a second chance.

They know the problem with today’s society is that people put too much pressure on their romantic expectations—they base everything out of having sparks fly and butterflies flutter right away. “That is only in the movies, it is rare to see that happen in real life,” states matchmaking and dating coach from Orange County Singles. What many people are missing out on is being able to engage someone and get to know them on a personal level. Most couples set up by Orange County Singles matchmakers will tell you they didn’t necessarily feel a spark the first time they met each other, but they felt it soon after—sometimes it takes a few dates to make that connection and feel a spark.

When meeting for the first time, many people are not always on their best behavior—nerves, anxiousness, and pressure to impress can get in the way. The matchmaking team at Orange County Singles encourage those going out on first dates to think about the conversation they have with their dates—if it was engaging and intriguing, they should give their dates a second chance; after all, second dates never hurt anyone—many of them are exactly what is need to turn into something meaningful, something serious.

Orange County Singles matchmakers know many relationships that start out with a boom (fireworks and sparks), often die out just as quick as they started. They encourage daters to look for values, morals, trust and honesty— essential key elements to a long term relationship. Chemistry can be exciting, even if it’s not felt during the first date, but trust the matchmakers when they promise it doesn’t have to be instant—after all, they’ve been creating successful connections for over 25 years.

The Orange County Singles matchmaking team has successfully connected thousands of couples over the years, and had these couples discounted their now partners because there was no initial spark, they would be single—and would have lost out on the opportunity to find that special someone, the love of their life. Ready to take the first step to finding love? The matchmaking professionals at Orange County Singles always have their doors open and interested individuals can contact them here. Being in love is worth a second shot!

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