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Orange County SEO Experts Discuss Proper Link-Building Strategies


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Orange County SEO experts have been building links for companies for the past ten years and have seen many changes to proper link strategy. What worked in the past simply does not work today; in fact, using outdated link-building techniques can result in penalties or even banishment from the major search engines. Link building services from Orange County SEO, located on the web at , comply with the requirements of all important search engines to achieve high rankings as well as to avoid penalties.

Proper SEO strategy depends on several key elements. While keyword selection is important, building links is based on more than simply choosing the right keywords. SEO experts at Orange County SEO analyze link strategies for several variables that can affect rankings due to new search engine algorithms.

“A custom backlink strategy is required in order to achieve results in your niche,” says Tyler Collins, president of Orange County SEO. “It is important not only to achieve top rankings but to increase domain authority as well. With the advent of Panda and Penguin algorithms from Google, content and other factors now impact rankings significantly, and the wrong link strategy can get you banned from major search engines. It is crucial to use the right techniques to build links and to link to the right types of websites.”

Domain authority is not built by accident. It takes the resources and time of experts such as those of Orange County SEO to find the right links to increase the “respect” Google and other search engines have for a website. One big mistake that many beginners make is assuming that the more links a site has, the better it will score in the search engine rankings. This is the type of mistake that can not only cost valuable time and resources but can actually cause a website to lose its ranking entirely if the search engines believe that unethical SEO measures are being used.

Instead of risking a penalty from Google, Bing or Yahoo, it is usually better to trust experts to help build a website’s links. Orange County SEO has a long history of helping websites rank naturally and organically at the top of their niches. Orange County SEO also offers a unique six-month money-back guarantee on the initial investment for website services.

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