Orangubrand Reports Approximately 26 Percent of World Citizens Use Social Networks

Orangubrand publishes statistics showing the reach of social networks and how this expansion of social media benefits businesses


Victoria, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- As of January 2014, the total world population reached 7,095,476,818, and 2.484,915,153 individuals used the Internet, according to We Are Social. Of these Internet users, 1,856,680,860 remain active social network users, which equates to approximately 26 percent of the world population. Each and every one of these users becomes a potential customer when proper seo marketing in Victoria is used. Orangubrand works to ensure businesses reach every consumer possible, with the use of social network marketing in Victoria, along with other proven techniques.

"Business can no longer afford to overlook a single consumer in their quest for clients. From web design and development to search engine optimization services, Orangubrand understands how to attract new business, for start ups and established companies alike. To be successful, businesses must make use of search engines, business directories, and more. All work together to increase website traffic and conversion rates, and when even one aspect is overlooked, a business won't reach their full potential," Elder Pineda, spokesperson for Orangubrand, states.

Social networking continues to increase in importance, as seen by the above statistics. Anyone overlooking social networks in their overall marketing plans will miss out. In addition, businesses failing to recognize the various social networks, focusing on only one or two, find they are missing out on sales also.

Pineda goes on to explain, a successful business uses every resource available to increase brand visibility, market reach, and seo marketing in Victoria. Facebook and Twitter remain popular with numerous businesses, along with YouTube, yet a number of businesses overlook other networks, such as FourSquare and LinkedIn. Orangubrand recognizes and makes use of all networks for outstanding results and a better return on investment.

In fact, governments now realize the importance of social network marketing in their efforts to reach the public. Gulf News reports governments find overall interaction and connectivity improve when governments use this type of marketing. Consumers report an increase in trust when businesses use social media to engage their target audience, and governments now turn to the networks to do the same.

"Thanks to the widespread use of social networks, no business, non-profit organization, or government can afford to overlook their importance. Any entity wishing to increase their social network marketing in Victoria needs to turn to Orangubrand for assistance. The company handles the technical aspects of this marketing, while the client sits back and watches the results. Social networks continue to develop and expand and will only increase in importance. Take advantage of this, get a leg up on competitors, and watch the business flourish. Orangubrand makes it easy," Pineda declares.

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