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Orbitalfinder Beacon Network Crowdfunding Project Launched


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2013 -- Hoping to raise $100,000 for the design of a new beacon network that will allow people to find everything from missing children and pets to lost wallets, Robert N. Meyer, CEO of Orbital Laboratories, has launched a crowdfunding project. Unlike Bluetooth devices so prevalent in today’s marketplace, this product will have a much larger range, and we plan to make it work with the Amber Alert system. “The system revolves around ground-based network, and the beacons will eventually be reduced in size to a piece of jewelry. Parents can put the beacon onto the tag of a clothing item or anything their child wears or carries with them. Conveniently, our beacons will be able to be labeled and re-labeled easily.” Said Meyer, CEO of Orbital Laboratories and creator of the Orbitalfinder Beacon Network, “We felt compelled to do something to reduce the risk of missing children nationwide, and in the process, developed a way to conveniently find lost items as well.”

This unique finder system is covered by multiple patents. It will use a powered cell phone case that supports the iPhone 3 through 5 models and will have a network coverage range of up to one mile. Plans are slated to complete the case and beacons for beta testing by the end of August. Meyer intends to show the Orbitalfinder Beacon Network at the CES in 2014 and extend a limited release on the product for the holidays.

“This funding will allow us to finish the phone case design with six models as well as create what we call a “beacon DNA”. For added convenience, the beacons will have an I/O port for other products to plug into. Projections are good as one company has already signed on to promote the product nationwide.

Perks for the crowdfunding project include a video game that interacts with the network for a $25 investment. For $40, an investor can have the video game and a discounted advance purchase on a phone case and beacon. An investment in the funding project of $1000 affords a phone case, ten beacon DNA’s, and the video game. Additional perks include a fifty percent coupon for up to two hundred dollars worth of additional Orbital Laboratories products.

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