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Oregon Diversion Firm: Former DUI Prosecutor Offers Concierge Legal Services to DUI Drivers


Beaverton, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2016 -- Sunil K. Raju, former DUI prosecutor with an experience of 10 years, founded Oregon Diversion Firm to help DUI drivers take care of their case and protect their reputation. He started as a District Attorney and has spent over 5 years reviewing, charging and prosecuting over 1,000 DUI cases.

Oregon Diversion Firm will assure that first-time offenders are eased through the process of a DUI. They help them in several ways. One is that they aid in getting through the "firsts". For example, the client's first arrest, first night in jail, first driver's license suspension, first criminal charge and first court date. They also offer reminders regarding important timelines to avoid complications. The program usually offered to these First-Time offenders is Oregon's DUI "Diversion" Program that lasts for 12 months (up to 18 months with an extension), during which the clients still have all the risks of a criminal mistakes if they make any mistakes.

Oregon Diversion Firm also offers its services to repeat offenders. For those clients facing their second, third or even fourth DUI, there is aggressive prosecution by the DA. They are at risk of facing significant jail or prison time, long-term suspension or revocation of their driver's license and expensive mandatory fines. The DUI Lawyers at Oregon Diversion Firm shall help their clients in clearly viewing their options, reviewing evidence and anticipating the actions of the DA and judge. Meanwhile the clients can balance their other obligations with greater ease. He will also help clients by not hiding any facts (negative or positive) from the clients and also guide them towards the best decisions possible.

Oregon Diversion Firm provides the client the option to do both—taking care of their DUI quietly or prepare for proper court arguments.

According to one satisfied client, "Sunil's background as a District Attorney was instrumental in helping me win my case. I am blessed to have found him in a time where my life was in the most turmoil. I would strongly recommend them to any family member or friend in need of a lawyer."

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About Oregon Diversion Firm
Oregon Diversion Firm will aid DUI drivers in the legal processes through skilled and experienced lawyers such as Sunil K. Raju. Their services are for both repeat and first-time offenders. Their office is located in Cascade Avenue. They can also be called for free DUI defense consultation or, interested parties can submit a form on their website for free case evaluation.

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