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BIRTH STORIES:  No matter what kind of birth one is planning for, it deserves to be documented. Whether one will deliver in a hospital or at home, whether it is a c-section or unmedicated, they would love to be there to document these special moments meeting the newest little one.
( Birth Video $1850 ). Footage before, during and about 1 hour after baby is born, 6–8-minute video delivered within 4 weeks, Add birth photo coverage for an extra $150.

5 Things to consider when choosing a birth photographer: Having a baby is a personal thing. The idea of sharing that moment with a 'relative stranger' can be quite overwhelming. However, what if one really wants to capture this magical moment to treasure forever? That is why choosing the 'right' birth photographer is critical. Finding someone who can be a part of that special moment, and almost feel like they're part of the family is the goal. The most important part about finding a birth photographer, is finding someone that one will mesh well with, meaning that this person makes one feel comfortable and at ease. Because the birthing process can be quite 'full on,' having the right photographer there can help ease some of that stress. Remember that a photographer is there to capture some of what one may miss and also what one is probably most likely to forget. Things to consider when choosing a birth photographer:

1. Like their style?  Every photographer has a unique style, and a way of capturing moments that makes them stand out. When one is looking for a birth photographer, have a look through their portfolios. Choose a birth photographer whose style one just cannot get enough of. There is no point paying for photographs one will not absolutely love and want to look at again and again. Look on their website, Facebook business page, Instagram and ask to see photographs at the appointment, so one can get a real feel for what is on offer.

2. Do they put one at ease?  There is no modesty in birth. It is confronting and raw. One will most likely, at least be semi naked, surrounded by strangers. This is a most vulnerable time. If one is going to add yet another person to the mix, make sure one feels completely comfortable with who they are. Find a photographer who one will mesh with, one who feels will blend in during the birth, and who will feel relaxed around. Once found … do not let them get away.

3. Do they have the relevant experience?  One will want a photographer who will be in their element during the birth. Someone who knows exactly what to do, where to stand, and how to capture that magic moment. If one is planning to give birth at hospital, find a photographer who has experience with hospital births, possibly even at the very same hospital. Choosing to give birth at home? Select someone who has experienced home births too. Hospitals have rules and procedures that photographers must abide too, so choose a photographer who has experience of this and knows the right people to talk too.

4. Will they be available?  Sadly, a baby does not like to let us know in advance when they will be coming. One may be calling the birth photographer at 9am on a Monday, 3pm on a Sunday, or 1am on a Thursday. Find out exactly how your photographer's availability works. Do they book appointments around the due date? Will one be able to get hold of them at go time? Will they be able to guarantee being there for the birth (time permitting, of course). If, for example, there are certain times they may be unavailable, will those hours be covered by another photographer, and if so, will one get to meet them in advance? Make sure to write down all questions to have available to ask the prospective birth photographer.

5. How much will it cost?  Birth photography is not cheap but talk to the chosen photographer about the options they have available. Why does it cost so much? Because births do not take a set amount of time. They can be 1hr (if one could all be so lucky) but often can go for many more hours … sometimes even lasting days. Find out what is included in the price – and ask them to break down exactly what is included in their packages. Do they have finance? Can one pay off your birth session?

Once a birth photographer is selected, one will need to think about setting some ground rules. Decide what is to be photographed, and what things are off limits (if any). Be very clear so that the photographer knows exactly what is wanted And now that a birth photographer is chosen… start getting excited. ( )

CAN ONE PICK THEIR OWN MUSIC?  Legally, they are required to license every song they use. They have a subscription to, a music licensing website, that one are more than welcome to browse and find a song one wants for your film. They are always happy to send some recommendations of their favorite artists to use for one to pick from as well. 

CAN ONE HAVE THE RAW VIDEO FOOTAGE?  Yes of course. If one wants to have access to the raw footage, they are so welcome to have it! It does cost a bit extra since it's more time and work, but just ask about it in the inquiry and they can add it to the package. 

CAN ONE HAVE THE RAW PHOTOS?  Unlike video, they do not offer raw photo to our clients. They promise one do not want them though anyway. As they sift through photos, they discard the photos that are blurry, duplicates, have people blinking or not looking, etc. However, they do not set a limit on how many photos one will receive back in the gallery, so they make sure to edit and deliver all the photos that turn out great. They would never deprive one of any good photos. Rest assured that the photos one will receive in their gallery are the best ones and one is not missing out on anything by not having the raw photos. 

IS MY DEP{OSIT REFUNDABLE? Deposit is non-refundable. The purpose of paying a deposit is that it permanently books the spot in their calendar, and they set that day aside entirely for the client. If something happens that causes the wedding/birth to be canceled or rescheduled, they will try their best to work with the client in finding a mutually agreed upon solution such as using that credit for a future shoot.