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Oren Atias, CA Based Attorney Launches


Orange County, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2013 -- Irvine, CA based Attorney Oren Atias, founder and owner of Eco Green Orange County, recently acquired, adding to the full suite of websites currently in the portfolio, bringing the total to 35 websites. The newest acquisition, is the top level domain for the industry in that region, housing more than 3 million people. The Orange County area is often referred to as the OC. Therefore,, puts the shortest possible domain name to represent the areas online searches.

Mr. Atias has been slowly developing a new suite of websites centered on the rising amount of DUI or Driving under the Influence of Drug charges and convictions currently being fought in Orange County, CA. Oren Atias has been a licensed attorney for over 4 years and since founding Eco Green has taken up a fascination with search engines, marketing, advertising and general business expansion and growth. Oren Atias is always using Google Analytics to track the existing websites as well as Google Webmaster Tools to find crawl errors or check URL canonicalization.

Mr. Atias’s future project, as mentioned earlier, centers on the rising trend of police in Orange County charging citizens with Driving under the Influence. More importantly, Oren Atias is focusing on representing clients who have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence based on prescription drugs. Currently there are over 50 arrests made daily for DUID or Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, and Oren Atias will specialize in helping victims who are legally prescribed medication that in turn can become a DUI.

One legal tactic that Oren Atias can employ is to request a blood split specimen from the Court. In this case Oren Atias can check the levels of intoxication based on the quantity of a given prescription in the blood at the time of the arrest. Oren Atias will do this to show that the levels are below the level of intoxication and often as simply regular and prescribed use. In Orange County, the police and Sheriff’s Department are notorious for arresting people for Driving under the Influence and Oren Atias would like to help the victims who were not “Under the Influence”

About Mr. Atias
Mr. Atias is an Irvine-based Attorney, and the Founder and Owner of Eco Green Cleaning. He has a Bengal Cat named Romeo.

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