Organic Beef Sticks Are the Latest and Greatest in Bark at the Moon Treats

Green Butterfly Brands finally releases the name of their latest Bark at the Moon Treat: Organic Beef Sticks


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2017 -- Green Butterfly Brands currently boasts a full family of five tasty, all-natural treats, so their fans have begun wondering what more could they possibly do! But Bark at the Moon Treats has done it again– they've proudly released the name of their most up-and-coming treat: Organic Beef Sticks. These Beef Sticks will be expanding Bark at the Moon's line of baked treats. Like their original Turkey Dog Treats, these Beef Sticks will be slow-roasted and made with only human-grade ingredients. "We're always researching the most beneficial, natural, and tasty meats to include in our treats," says Julia Stanton, Director of Marketing for Green Butterfly Brands. "Customers can expect that our new Organic Beef Sticks will meet these high standards."

As expected, these new Organic Dog Treats will not disappoint. Made in the USA using only quality ingredients, Bark at the Moon gets their beef from family farms in the United States. Beef is naturally packed with protein, beneficial to dogs' skin, nail, and coat health. With only a few, simple ingredients that are no mystery, Bark at the Moon is able to stuff a lot of nutrients into their light, airy Beef Sticks without the use of additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors. These limited ingredient dog treats are promised to be great for training, as they can be easily broken into pieces for rewards.

After releasing the name of their latest treat, All-Natural Beef Sticks, fans and customers are keeping an eye out for further news on the launch of this treat. Those interested can keep up with Bark at the Moon news by following them on their social media accounts, as well as signing up for emails to be the first to know what's next!

About Green Butterfly Brands
Green Butterfly Brands is a family-run business committed to providing all-natural dog and cat treats, made in USA. Bark at the Moon Pet Treats offers pet owners a healthy way to reward their furry friends for their good behavior and love. Bark at the Moon's All Natural Turkey Treats, Chicken Jerky, Premium Salmon Treats, All Natural Chicken Hearts, Beef Liver Jerky and Organic Beef sticks can be purchased on Amazon.