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Organic Black Salt Market: Demand for Flavoring Agents Is Increasing Among Consumers Fuels Growth - TMR


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2019 -- Global Organic Black Salt: Market Segmentation

The demand for flavoring agents is increasing among the consumers over the past years as it completes even the simple food into delicious succulent. Organic black salt is one such flavoring agent traditionally used in the southeast region of Asia Pacific. Organic black salt constitutes of various compounds associated with sodium such as sodium chloride, sodium bisulfite, sodium sulfate, sodium sulfide, hydrogen sulfide, and iron sulfide. Unlike the name suggests, organic black salt does not appear black, however, it appears pinkish gray in color. Due to its exotic taste, organic black salt is used for culinary purpose throughout the Asia Pacific over the years. The market growth of Harvest spice blend has been surging from domestic cooking to an active ingredient in popular food industries over the past decade. Organic black salt is highly produced in South Asian countries including India, Indonesia, and exported to North & Latin America where there is huge demand. As the Organic black salt has many health benefits, consumer's shows keen interest towards it. Organic black salt is not just used for household cooking but has employed in various food processing industries as a secret key ingredient. Organic black salt has tempting taste, which created huge demand among the consumers all over the world which is anticipated to its escalating global organic black salt market.

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Organic Black Salt to Gain Traction in Herbal Medicine

Organic black salt is not only used in food processing but has adequate applications and opportunities in production of herbal medicine as well. Due to the presence of iron, organic black salt is used to cure and control digestive dysfunctions such as constipation and bloating. Due to the presence of active sodium, organic black salt is also used in treating joint pains and inflammations. As a powerful laxative, organic black salt is used in Ayurveda medicines. Various researches have established that continuous use of organic black salt can reduce the cholesterol levels and promotes healthy blood circulation in the body. Due to growing consumer preference on organic food products in the developed countries also contribute to the hiking demand for the organic black salt. Bound to these factors it is anticipated that the global organic black salt will proliferate in terms of value & volume in the forecast period.

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Global Organic black salt: Key Players

Some of the major key players of organic black salt include Steenbergs, Wonderful Herb, Down to Earth Inc., Greenheart Farm, Woodland Foods Inc., Flor del Delta, Sat Nam Europe, Falksalt, Vedica Organics LLC, Épices de cru, Whole Foods Market IP. L.P. etc. More manufacturers and industrialists have been showing a keen interest in organic black salt which would be escalating demand among consumers during the forecast period.

Opportunities for Market Participants:

As a healthy condiment and herbal medicine, organic black salt has vitalizing demand among manufacturers and consumers all over the world. In addition, the organic black salt has various health benefits which have agglomerating demand in the food processing and herbal medicine industries during the forecast period. Due expanding supply chains and distribution channels, it is anticipated that there would be higher returns for the investors of organic black salt during the forecast period.