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Organic Ginger Tea Hand-Cultivated in the Wakaya Islands Now Available from Wakaya Perfection

Now customers can enjoy all the benefits of Wakaya Perfection's organic ginger tea


West Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- Wakaya Perfection always goes beyond customers’ expectations to provide great health solutions. Now customers can enjoy all the benefits of Wakaya Perfection's organic ginger tea, including relief from allergies and cold and flu symptoms, headaches and migraines, and nausea caused by morning sickness or digestive issues. Not only does Wakaya Perfection consistently provide the highest quality ginger products, its experts continually explore ways to use the island's many unique herbs to enhance the ginger's health-restoring properties.

Wakaya Perfection grinds its organic ginger to a superfine rich golden powder that is sealed into a U.S food-grade stainless-steel grinding machine to eliminate airborne particles and preserve the full purity and integrity of the ginger.

“Our products offer the many benefits of ginger root powder," says a Wakaya Perfection spokesperson. "This rich, golden ginger boasts a delicate touch reminiscent of Fiji's white sand beaches. Our ginger is hand-cultivated in rich, virgin volcanic soil and nourished with raindrops. It adds the perfect Pacific zest to hot tea, marinades, cookies and breads.”

About Wakaya Perfection
The warmth and spirit of the Fijian people are the heart and soul behind Wakaya Perfection. Their connection to the land makes them the purest of all Wakaya's many treasures. Wakaya Perfection grows its proprietary strain of Pink Fijian Ginger in wide, sloping paddocks at a high elevation to prevent erosion. It is planted, tilled and harvested exclusively by hand, and the tropical rains are Wakaya’s sole source of irrigation. Wakaya's ginger and dilo plants are free of industrial pollutants, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

For more information, please visit http://wakayaperfection.com/pages/wakaya-perfection-organic-ginger-tea.

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