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Organic Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar...nature's Secrets to Energy, Endurance, and Good Health

Those that want to learn the health secrets of balsamic vinegar and olive oil will get the whole story this week on Smart Health Talk Radio Show on Thursday, August 9th at 4-5:00 PM. Guest is Theo Stephan, author "Olive Oil and Vinegar for Life."


San Bernardino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2012 -- When we think of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, we can’t help but think of the history attached to these iconic foods. There is a reason their staying power as dominant ingredients for flavoring and health have thrived since before 4,000 B.C., they are both delicious and deliver concentrated flavor and health benefits.

Investigating the love and use of these foods to increase flavor, strength, endurance, and health can prove to be a tasty and enjoyable experience. Especially when you have Theo Stephan from Global Gardens in attendance with the fruits of her labor as a producer of both olive oil and fruit flavored balsamic vinegars.

Theo decided to take all of her talents as an award-winning graphic designer, and leave the fast paced world she had worked in for over 20 years and trade it in for the peace and quiet of the farm. She not only has been successful at achieving her goal to bring a quality organic olive oil and balsamic vinegar to customers, but also has done it in spades. Her balsamic vinegar varieties offer a rainbow of flavors that use natures pure fruit juices to create taste sensations at a low calorie cost.

Those that have been inspired watching our Olympic athletes, and want to get up and get their own health and workout program going to take off those extra pounds and add some muscle, will not want to miss Smart Health Talk Radio Show host Elaine McFadden’s interview with Theo Stephan.

Elaine feels it’s important for listeners to understand the secret benefits to these foods that many may not be aware. “As a dietitian I want people to have tools for success in their weight loss toolbox, and these foods should always be included.”

ScienceDaily just report on August 2, 2012 that research presented at the American Psychological Association’s 120th Annual Convention reported that a 20 pound weight loss for an overweight or obese person, will actually give them a decade’s worth of important health benefits. Even if the weight is gained back.

Producing a product that improves health was an added motivation for Theo to move forward with her dream. In the many classes she offers to help others appreciate what these products have to offer, she explains to eager students how, “Balsamic vinegar provides antioxidants and why it is a good choice to substitute her unadulterated extra virgin olive oil with unhealthy saturated and transfats.” She demonstrates how to use the flavored balsamic vinegars to add flavor to a wide variety of foods without adding high fat or high sugar products like salad dressings, ice cream, and butter.

Watch us in the studio via USTREAM from the website as we recreate one of her classes in our studio. Be a part of the fun as we explore and taste test some of these incredible full-flavored condiments and oils. Learn how to take advantage of the health and flavor benefits you can get from both, and learn how easy they can be to cook with even if you have never done so before.

Theo Stephan has perfected the simple healthy recipe. With her cookbook, “Olive Oil and Vinegar For Life, Delicious Recipes for Healthy Caliterranean Living,” Theo gives anyone that loves delicious food a chance to enter a whole new world of cooking and eating. She makes it easy to prepare meals that can be fast in a time crunch, to those that will impress even the most sophisticated guest with a taste sensation they will not soon forget.

As more information gets out to customers on how our foods are being manipulated and altered, and then presented as the real thing, it is nice to know there are products you can trust to deliver more than you would expect. organic products are in that category. You get only the best nature has to offer, together with Theo’s caring and talented skills as a farmer and producer.

Claudia Sanchez, CPC, HT from Clark’s Nutrition Stores will also be in the studio, bringing her expertise as a Certified Life Coach Hypnotherapist. Most have trouble making that transition to a healthier lifestyle, but may not be hard to understand since many have had little or no counseling on how to get there. We will also talk about Theo as a successful woman entrepreneur, and how other women can also tap into their inner strengths and talents to achieve their goals and dreams.

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