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Organic Sediment Removal Systems Targets Specific Locations


Necedah, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- Organic Sediment Removal Systems began work in 1990 using a special cleaning process created to address the need for pond cleaning services at that target organic sediment buildup. Since then, these pond cleaners at have been performing not only whole-pond restoration but targeted cleaning on certain areas.

For example, if organic sediment has begun to build up rapidly in a particular area of a lake, owners may wish to target that area alone for cleanup. Depending on the size and location of the body of water, some areas may require more cleanup than others and at different times of the year or the life cycle of the lake.

Organic Sediment Removal Systems will work with the owner to create the right strategy for pond cleanup. With the services of Organic Sediment Removal, it is easy to find the best way to clean up a pond, lake, stream or other body of water simply and easily without disturbing the natural balance of the aquatic habitat. Contact Organic Sediment Removal Systems today to find out how they can help restore and save a pond or other water body.

About Organic Sediment Removal Systems
In 1990, owner Rich Kohutko developed a unique system to remove organic sediment from the bottom of ponds and restore them to their natural, beautiful state. Organic Sediment Removal Systems allows pond and lake owners to clean these bodies of water safely and thoroughly.

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