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Organicka Announces a Way to Enhance Health and Well-Being

Revolutionizing the way we buy food and supplements online


Pewaukee, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2016 -- Organicka's founder is extremely interested in the way we put nutrients in our bodies. Many of us are battling our health in one way or another, whether we are overweight, lack energy or just don't feel like ourselves, it always goes back to what we put in our bodies.

Organicka wants to give people one platform where they can come and easily find the items they need to help them get back to feeling great and loving life. Organicka also wants to give back on a bigger scale by helping community wide epidemics of malnutrition. This even has a greater benefit to the nation by reducing health care costs.

Organicka is one stop shopping for nutritional needs. A place to learn about what the body needs and how you can get it from the food you eat every day. Organicka started a GoFundMe campaign to reach like-minded people for collaboration, raise money in exchange for early access and rewards, and they also want to spread the word. The more people they can get using their platform the more functional and successful it will be. So this campaign will give you the basics on our efforts and progress.

Organicka's goal is to provide something for everyone that will enhance their health and well-being. Our items include, but are not limited to, supplements, organic foods and micronutrients aimed at giving something to everyone no matter what their diet, allergies or nutritional needs.

About Organicka
Organicka is passionate with creating an unmatched solution that's easy to use. Their company will run the business based on our mission statement of providing a health platform to help anyone deal with their health and wellness needs. So far all their feedback has been over the top, everyone from fitness enthusiasts to those trying to lose weight are enjoying the many useful benefits of Organicka. Together with the Organicka team they take their passion for health and wellness beyond just this one idea and in they put it into every decision they make. In early stages, changing people lives has always driven them at every stage. nutrition on demand that can way help people.

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Lukes Ploetz
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