Organization Direct LLC

Organization Direct LLC. A Professional Organizing Company


Fredericksburg, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2011 -- Organization Direct LLC, a Professional Organizing Company located in Fredericksburg, Virginia is just finishing their 5th year of helping businesses and homeowners not just become organized - but stay organized. The business of Professional Organizing is very diverse and can vary from a very the simplicity of setting up a filing system to the very complex and logistical requirements of moving, setting-up and organizing an entire office.

The need for Professional Organizers is growing daily. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small businesses have the daunting task of trying to either do everything themselves or working with a very small and limited staff. This can mean working long hours for six and sometimes seven days a week. The key to working with a client is to be able to meet their individual needs and match their personality to a system that will allow them to easily maintain a system on a daily basis.

As the economy continues to struggle, it becomes more of a necessity for businesses to consider using a Professional Organizer to help them - not just get on track, but stay on track. The average executive wastes a minimum of 1 hour a day looking for something. This is usually a piece of paper that has either been misplaced or is lost at the bottom of a pile. Having a solid organizing system with strict guidelines of the where and how business is handled will not just keep you afloat but will also allow your business to grow and expand. Without systems in place - you can continue to be a hamster on an exercise wheel....getting nowhere.

Organization Direct LLC has made a serious commitment in 2012 to expand their services to meet the needs of businesses. According to Linda Clevenger, owner of Organization Direct LLC, business owners and home owners spend millions of dollars each year on organizing products. The problem comes in trying to find the right product to fit their individual need and personality. Every organizing product will not work for everyone. To assist their clients, Organization Direct LLC is now offering organizing products for all areas of a home and office through Clever Container. With their expert advice and direction you can truly become organized.

Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Organization Direct LLC is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Faithful Organizers and the local area Chamber of Commerce. They serve hands-on clients from Arlington, Virginia to Richmond, Virginia and west to Charlottesville. Of course, organizing doesn't have to be hands-on, there are also virtual services available to businesses outside of the local area.

You can find out more about Organization Direct by visiting their websites: and or by contact Linda Clevenger at 540-220-5912