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Organizing Cables and Freeing the Clutter Is Just a Zip Away

Cable Sleeves that Conceal the Most Annoying Wire Problems


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2018 -- Cable Sleeves from Blue Key World is a super cool solution to the cluttered wire problems. There are so many wires around the home – some small and some huge. And the problems that come with these wires are not so small. The home theater systems come with loads of wires, the audio and video equipment also come with cables and many people would agree that kitchen is also a place that has problems organizing the wires. The Cable Sleeves are considered as an excellent cord management system for tying up multiple cords at once.

This product is definitely one of the biggest perks of recent innovations in the quirky essentials category. Once the cables of all the devices are separated, they need to be wrapped in the cable sleeve and zipped. It is not only organized but neat to look at. All the different colored wires are now concealed in a black sheath. Users can now access a wire or cable of their choice without any hiccups or mess. The material used to manufacture the sleeves is not just sturdy but flexible as well. That is why it can be used to bundle up to 10 cables of different sizes all at once.

There are many cable covers out there in the market but what makes this product special is the aesthetic look that it provides to the bundled cables. The product also protects the cables because when they are bundled, they will not be pulled so often. It also indirectly improves the cord's lifetime. The product comes in a pack of 4 sleeves. So, one can use them in separate rooms including the kitchens. "Just Perfect, great idea, now I don't have cables hanging all over" says Anthony G, a happy customer. Products like these are not only safe to use but are also safe to the people in the home.

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