Orient Friend Finder Announces New Software That Helps Users Link up With Locals in Asia


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) --05/16/2011 -- In response to the growing demand for resources that link foreigners with locals in Asia, WorldFriends Networks is announcing the release of for trips & cities, a new feature that allows travelers in Asia and local users to share their journeys and experiences.

According to a recent study more and more people are becoming interested in Asia. Perhaps this is because the internet allows people to research more parts of the world, or perhaps it is because the world economy is changing and Asia is getting more attention on a global scale. Whatever the reason, people are looking for ways to branch out and broaden their horizons, and until recently, effective platforms for bringing those people together were few and far between.

Answering this need, Orient Friend Finder is announcing their new feature to “Trips and Cities.” The new software allows users input their travel destinations onto an interactive map which can then be used to connect with friends, other travelers and locals who are interested in meeting up or sharing information about a particular site or region. The proprietary software also includes city pages for every city on the planet. Users can connect with local residents and other travelers in the region, solicit advice from previous travelers, and get the latest updates in local news.

According to current member Michael Thompson, this new feature makes planning a trip to Asia much easier: “I’m going to be traveling to Osaka, Japan in 3 weeks and I’m looking for people to link up with. Using Orient Friend Finder I was able to hook up with a network of guys that are into the same things that I am. They want to learn more English and I want to learn more about Japan. If it wasn’t for Orient Friend Finder we would not have had the opportunity to meet.”

Current members all attest that Orient Friend Finder is better than other social networking websites because it focuses specifically on traveling and living in Asia, and gives localized results unavailable with other social networking platforms. It allows users to meet new friends anywhere in the world, get travel tips from people that have recently traveled (or are traveling) through a chosen destination, exchange languages through friends, find places to couch surf, meet new pen pals, find opportunities for teaching overseas, and of course, find a possible love interest.

So far Orient Friend Finder has been met with rave reviews from the international community. More than shortening the wide gap between the East and that West it allows people to come together in ways never possible before in the realm of social networking. To learn more about Orient Friend Finder, or to set up a free account, visit: