Original Photo Design Studio Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Develop Hilixxia, The First Game Application and Auction

Hilixxia is a unique gaming and auction concept to win and collect 1000 of images created to inspire and ignite the visual senses.


Myrtle Beach, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- HILIXXIA is a unique mobile game with a built-in auction system giving people an enhanced gaming experience. Original Photo Design plans to have the game available for Apple iPhones and iPads as well as Android devices. Players are engaged in the game by choosing 250 photos from 1000 or more images they would like to win. Once they have picked an image the fun begins in a HILIXXIA Casino Slot style game with a twist. To win the images chosen, players must match images played with the image they selected. Gamers are allowed a specified number of attempts to win that specific image they're shooting for. All of the images they have chosen will be stored in a virtual gallery where they can view their customized collection whenever they like.

Once the players win that specified number of 250 images they have chosen to play for, they will be directed to a beautiful art gallery called The Bonus Trophy Room. The players will be given the Golden Key which unlocks access to this exclusive place in the game. Here, gamers will be treated to the Bonus Trophy Master Collection, images designed exclusively for this room for winners. However, they must first win 250 images that they chose before they are allowed entry into their Bonus Trophy Room.

HILIXXIA images are unique from all others. Original Photo Design is using all kinds of designs and backgrounds to satisfy all players of HILIXXIA around the world. Therefore, they plan to create 1000 or more different images and styles. With more funding, they will add more models in one image, more locations, and, potentially include short movies, and moving pictures.

Only HILIXXIA players will have the chance to participate in a monthly auction to bid for one of a kind artwork that will never be used or seen again. Gamers bid and win giving them exclusive ownership of images for their own personal use.

This project will only be funded if at least $74,000 is pledged by Mon, Jul 21 2014 7:56 AM +05:30.

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