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Original Style Mosaic Tiles a New Styling Sensation


Swindon, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Tiles have always been a popular choice for many homeowners. A large percentage of houses opt to have tiles installed in their kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. These homeowners now have a lot of tiling options to choose from.

The introduction of original style mosaic tiles in the market is fairly recent. The product is a great alternative for traditional tiles. These uniquely designed tiles go beyond their function to serve decorative purposes as well. There are actually homeowners who opt to install these tiles on their walls instead of just on their floors and counter tops.

There are currently several types of mosaic tiles based on the materials used. Ceramic, metal, natural stone, and glass are the ones most commonly found in residential and commercial settings today. High rise hotels and luxurious accommodations however may make use of wood, gold and shell to decorate their surroundings.

Individuals who are interested in original mosaics have the option of creating their own designs. A brochure is often provided, allowing individuals to choose different hues, combinations, and depth of colour. There are also different design categories to browse through including iridescent crackle, brick bond, beach washed, and more. The shades are adjustable, depending on the preferences of the user. The combination of colours and materials used may also change the visual texture of the product. The customization possibilities of original mosaic tiles make them ideal for different decorating different areas of the house.

The process for creating mosaic tiles is no different than the traditional method, with a slight adjustment for the design phase. Due to the extra process, the cost for this material is lightly higher than your traditional tile product. Studies reveal that the expected life of mosaic tiles is practically the same with those of traditional ones. Homeowners can expect them to remain polished and scratch-free for several decades with proper maintenance.

Mosaic has always been a significant part of art history. It is seen in some of the oldest civilizations including the Greek and Romans. The integration of mosaic patterns in modern style usage paves the way for a slightly different interior look and feel for the home.

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