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Orion Health Center Brings Transformative Healing to Clients


Koh Phangan, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2016 -- Orion Health Center now offers different health retreat packages that aim to transform and harmonize a person's overall wellness. Clients can now choose from the following packages when booking: 11-day detox, vitality juice detox, fasting and colonic cleansing, 11-day alchemy retreat, 16-day weight loss program, 28-day renew and revitalize, healthy living program, and yoga retreat packages. Each package is inclusive of meals sets, accommodation, healing therapies, and access to the Center's steam room.

The Orion Health Center provides a wide campus with access to beaches and marine life. While accommodation is reserved for those enjoying retreat programs, guests who are on short vacations and those who want to stay at the center after the completion of their programs can reserve for available rooms. They offer the following spaces, subject to availability:

Dormitory- 220 THB

Type A Orion Backpacker (Basic Fan Room and Hot Water Shower)- 550 THB

Type C Orion Terrace (Standard Aircon Room and Hot Water Shower)- 1220 THB

Type D Orion Sunset (Aircon Room and Hot Water Shower, Garden & Sea View- 1500 THB

Type E Orion Serenity ( Aircom Room with DVD/TV and Hot Water Shower- 1700 THB

Type F Orion Zen (Aircon Room with DVD/TV, Living Area, and Hot Water Shower- 2200 THB

About Orion Health Center
Co-founders and partners in life Ari and Daliah Barkan founded Orion Healing Center in 2005. Ari and Daliah are both Reiki Masters who have been in the line of healing for several years. The vision of the Orion Health Center is to address the disconnect between humans and the universe and reconnect them through spiritual guidance.

Ari has been practicing Reiki for 15 years. He is a teacher of energy channeling and healing for students who seek enlightenment not just in Thailand but all over the globe. His vision is to lead people into following their purpose and live their life to the fullest, that he hopes to induce a chain effect across the world.

Daliah is yoga instructor and CranioSacral practitioner that has been assisting retreats in detoxifying and healing as early as 2003. An expert in yoga and nutrition, Moti Wainer, joined Daliah and Ari at the Orion Health Center in 2010.

Orion Health Center emphasizes on Thailand retreats encompassing yoga, nutrition, meditation, and detox. They offer a holistic program with personal growth as the focal point. The center makes detox treatments accessible to all type of individuals from different parts of the world. They offer drop-in yoga sessions as well as nutritious and rejuvenating meals at the Orion Café.

Orion Health Center is located at a soothing environment in a tropical garden exposing nature's beauty through marine, terrestrial, and aerial life forms as well as the calming music of the ocean as its waves hit the sandy beach.


For more information on Orion Health Center's health retreat packages, please contact:
Orion Healing Center 2013 | Detox and Yoga in Thailand
Orion Healing Center, 15/2 Moo 8, Sri Thanu, Koh Phangan, Suratthani Province, 84280, Thailand.
Tel: 077 445 966, 089 038 0085