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Oriya Organics Offers Protein-Packed Powder for Tasty Recipes

Organic food is not always synonymous with flavor and great taste, much less variety and excitement—unless it is made by Oriya Organics.


Katy, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- Oriya Organics is offering tasty vegan protein powder for mouthwatering desserts, snacks, and breakfast options. Whether pre-workout, starting the morning right, or at the tail end of a luxurious meal, Oriya's tasty natural protein powder is an excellent way to incorporate good health and good taste into your day.

Oriya Organics offers the very best forms of plant protein and top protein powders on the market but also pays attention to palatability, an important quality for those who want to use protein powder for weight loss or good health. If it does not taste good, most people will not continue to use raw protein powder no matter what its health benefits, so Oriya Organics offers pure protein powder that not only maintains the highest purity standards but offers taste and variety.

A good example of this is the versatility of Oriya Organics’s Superfood Protein Medley. This versatile green powder not only offers fantastic health benefits but can be used to make great snacks and desserts that are truly tasty and enjoyable. Mixing this power in as part of a chocolate avocado pudding recipe, for example, and sweetening with coconut nectar and maple syrup, creates a fantastic desert that utilizes one of the best vegan protein powder formulas available and also creates a food that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Simply mix Oriya’s Superfood Protein Medley with avocado, cacao and natural sweeteners to create an indulgent snack that satisfies a sweet tooth without unhealthy additives. Unlike some cheap protein powder mixtures, Oriya Organics products always maintain the highest integrity and quality while avoiding fillers and allergens.

Oriya’s brown rice protein powder and organic vegan protein powder contain no gluten, are certified organic, and are non-GMO. These superfoods are unprocessed and raw; no product is ever heated above 118 degrees Farenheit to maintain the highest levels of vitamins and nutrients.

About Oriya Organics
Oriya Organics is a family-run business in Katy, Texas, whose mission is to bring the very best in organic superfoods to the public. Every product is made and tested with care. Quality is the company’s driving mission, and Oriya Organics uses only the highest-quality, nutrient-dense superfoods available. At Oriya Organics, every ingredient has a purpose and every food manufactured is held to the highest standards of integrity, quality, taste and nutrition.

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