Orlando: Best Choice for 2018 Gay Games


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- Orlando has begun its competition with Paris, Amsterdam, London, and Limerick to become the host city of the 2018 Gay Games. While some native to Florida may view Orlando as far less exotic than the aforementioned European cities, it is actually the ideal location for a variety of reasons.

Beginning with logistical factors, Orlando is the most affordable travel location as well as the easiest to get to internationally. As a result, turnout from Latin American countries is believed to increase, a phenomena desired by Gay Games attendees around the globe, since Latin American attendance historically has been low.

In addition, Orlando is the city with the most preexisting infrastructure for these games already in place, a fact that would take huge pressure off preparation committees. Such high-capacity airports, hotels, and dining facilities would take pressure off planners since they would not be responsible for providing such services for participants and onlookers. Without the financial strain, and even just additional stress it would cause, of having to build new facilities for the event, planners could place more of a focus on making the event more enjoyable rather than just ensuring it happens at all.

For Orlando, hosting the games would have a big impact on the economy. It is believed that being host would bring in somewhere in the field of $100 million directly to the Central Florida economy and even more when the twenty-four full-time positions that would be created are factored in.

Socially, this event could do wonders for Orlando. Gay rights are a hot topic, so much in fact, that President Obama and the Orange County Commissioner have weighed in and written letters of support for Orlando’s bid. Despite the positivity from these players, there is still much push-back from state legislators, who are currently debating legalizing civil unions in Florida. Despite being home to one of the largest LGBT communities in the country, Central Florida still lags in the race for equality. Hosting these games could mean a push towards greater rights for the LGBT community.

As far as providing the best social scene, Orlando is well-known as having one of the largest LGBT communities in the nation and lots of corporate support which would mean greater acceptance of the many visitors the event would bring. Also, the corporate support of companies like Disney and the Florida Theatrical Association, funding and publicity would not be an issue.

It is indisputable that Orlando has plenty of entertainment. With its wide variety of theme parks, sports centers, and dining options, participants and spectators would have no shortage of things to do in their free time.

Orlando would provide everything the 2018 Gay Games needs and more.

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