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Orlando FL Secure Waste Disposal Company Steps Up Public Education Efforts


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2017 -- With identity theft and lawsuits over mishandled medical waste disposal at epidemic levels, Joe Doremus of Secure Waste Disposal said, "More people need to know how to get rid of bio-hazardous materials safely and permanently."

"Too many people think they can just throw something in the trash can and it's gone forever. What they don't know is that safe medical waste disposal, including shredding and incineration, is important to the future of our planet and our environment," he said.

Joe continued, "the only way to make sure medical waste is never mistreated is to destroy it," he continued "...medical waste disposal/ is more than just tubes and needles; it includes red bag waste, dialysis equipment, gauze, and other sharps."

"More people need to know about how serious this is and how they can securely destroy their waste."

"So, we are stepping up our education efforts by partnering with Smart Leads Lab to help us reach out to more people. Kevin and his team have the expertise to expand our education efforts which lets us concentrate on the business of helping people securely destroy records, dispose of medical waste, and recycle what can be recycled."

Secure Waste Disposal contracts with many companies and medical offices around the Southeast (FL, GA, NC, and SC) to safely and securely destroy the waste these places produce.

"Medical matters are especially important," he said. "I don't just mean medical waste disposal - although that is very important. Federal regulations about medical records are very strict. Unwanted information about patients has to be destroyed in such a way that the information can never be recovered - including hard drives."

Secure Waste Disposal can safely destroy faulty or damaged equipment, prototypes, badges, misprints, and damaged inventory.

"We are proud to partner with Joe and his company. He is an industry leader in this field and wants to be sure everyone knows about the security breaches involved in improper disposal of critical items," said Kevin Gillespie, owner of Smart Leads Lab marketing agency. "We're going to increase his Internet presence and education efforts."

About Secure Waste Disposal, Inc.
Secure Waste Disposal was founded 10+ years ago and is America's Southeast leader in medical waste disposal, document shredding, sharps disposal and replacement. Biomedical waste disposal includes the hauling and treatment of biohazard waste. Secure Waste services flexible, compliant, convenient, and local. Serving all cities around Orlando FL. Secure Waste is HIPAA compliant to handle confidential document shredding and e-waste destruction where products such as computers, fax cartridges, and hard-drives containing sensitive information must be destroyed. All organizations today have to comply with more and more stringent regulatory guidelines as well as quality controls within the delivery of their businesses and Secure Waste is here to help.

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