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Ornament Central's 80,000 Ornaments Donated to Fitchburg High for Fundraiser

Local Public Middle and High Schools Receive Amazing Gift From OrnamentCentral.com


Fitchburg, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2016 -- Fitchburg Public Schools was delighted to receive an incredible gift Monday, Nov 21. During a meeting that transpired that evening, The School Committee of Fitchburg Public Schools accepted a generous donation of 80,000 ornaments from Fitchburg-based Christmas ornament wholesaler Ornament Central.

The family-owned company contacted Fitchburg High School Athletic Director and Assistant Principal Raymond Cosenza regarding giving the gift earlier in the year Superintendent of Schools Andre Ravenelle shared.

The ornaments act as a benefit and will be sold for just $1 each in order to raise money for the high-school and middle-school athletic teams of Fitchburg Public Schools. The adorable snowman-shaped ornaments are personalized with the 100 most-popular male and female names out there and although of course not everyone's name will be included, there are still blanks nonetheless and some have holiday greetings.

Order forms for the ornaments have been distributed at the schools and more information on ordering or getting a form can easily be obtained by calling Fitchburg High School at 978-345-3240.

Despite the fact that the outstanding amount of 80,000 ornaments were ordered, the school has fortunately been able to store them because they are small and relatively flat.

"As a Fitchburg-based company, we were honored to play a part in helping out the local public schools," shared Christine Casey, Owner of Ornament Central. "We hope it not only brings some significant funding to school programs, but also brings some joy to individuals' homes and their trees!"

To learn more about Ornament Centeral, visit their website today or call 800-584-4008 to speak with their helpful team.

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