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Orp Media Link Removal Launches New Service to Target Unnatural Links

Orp Media Link Removal Uses Humans Rather than Software to Identify Unnatural Links


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2013 -- Search engine optimization remains a fluid process. Google recently chose to target websites with poor linking building practices and over optimization of on page factors, leaving many website owners scrambling to make changes to their website to prevent a sharp decrease in their search engine rankings. "The time needed to remove unnatural links and over optimization of on page factors becomes significant without the help of a link removal service," Keith Terrell of Orp Media Link Removal states.

Links coming from social bookmarking sites, article directories, blog networks and blog comments remain targets of Google as the links tend to be of low quality. When Google detects unnatural links pointing to a site, a google penalty known as a penguin penalty, may be imposed. This lowers the site's search engine rankings. "The link removal service works to prevent this from happening and tries to reverse the process if Google has already taken steps against a site," Mr. Terrell explains.

Orp Media Link Removal uses a four step process to remove unnatural links from a site. The first step involves analyzing a site to target links which have been shown to harm search engine rankings. Once these links have been identified, Orp Media Link Removal takes another look at the remaining links to determine if any need to be removed. Once all links targeted for removal have been identified, the real work begins. Every owner or webmaster of the targeted links will be contacted to have the link removed. Once the links are removed, the service contacts Google and asks for a reconsideration. "Using this four step process, Orp Media Link Removal purges a site of unnatural links so search engine rankings move up again," Mr. Terrell goes on to say.

When the time comes to choose a link removal service, care must be taken. Many companies now offer this service. Any site which has been affected by a google penalty would benefit from this type of help. "What makes Orp Media Link Removal different from many of these companies is the fact that all work is actioned 100 percent by humans rather than software. This increases the likelihood of negative links being identified and removed per Google standards," Mr. Terrell declares.

About Orp Media Link Removal
Orp Media Link Removal works to remove backlinks which are potentially hurting a website's rankings. Links of this type often lead to the website being penalized. Orp Media Link Removal analyzes the backlink profile of a website by identifying all back link information using various resources. Every site is then visited to determine if the site is clean, spam or already deleted. For those links which need to be removed, Orp Media Link Removal contacts the website owners of the links to ask that the bad links be removed. Once this process is complete, a reconsideration is requested on behalf of the website owner. The entire process is typically completed within a 30 to 45 day period.