Joe Bragg Announces a Suite of Internet Marketing Services


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Today, the business world can be separated into two types of businesses: those that understand how to take advantage of the power of the internet, and those that do not. Today, it seems like the ratio between the two types of businesses is about 50/50: for every entertaining Facebook page, there’s at least one awkward Twitter account with silent followers and limited activity.

One website wants to teach business owners how to take full advantage of everything the internet has to offer. That website is, which aims to help businesses reach the audience they deserve.

The website features brief descriptions of social media marketing, Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, as well as search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, all of which are keys to success in a competitive online marketplace. After briefly describing each type of internet marketing strategy, the website offers its professional marketing services to website visitors.

As a spokesperson for explains, it’s never too late for business owners to take advantage of the power of the internet:

“The internet is changing so fast that it’s never too late for a business to optimise their website. Since businesses update their sites every few years anyway, it’s easy for a company with a limited online presence to suddenly become an online powerhouse – provided they have the right help.”

That “right help” comes in the form of the services offered by The company offers a wide variety of online services that aim to make capitalising on the power of the internet as easy as possible.

The three main services offered by are:

- Social media marketing
- Google AdWords PPC
- Search engine optimisation

Social media marketing is a relatively new phenomenon where companies use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to attract customers. That could mean creating an active and entertaining Twitter account, for example, or maintaining a Facebook page that regularly releases coupon offers and other special deals.

There are thousands of different social media marketing strategies out there, and as the spokesperson explains, ORP Media wants to use cutting edge techniques to help websites attract new customers:

“Social media marketing changes on a near-daily basis. The techniques that worked last week may not work next week, so it’s a constant guessing game of what comes next. ORP Media aims to anticipate social media trends and capitalize on those trends for clients.”

Meanwhile, Google AdWords PPC advertising involves paying for advertising space on Google’s network of websites and search engine results pages. And search engine optimisation refers to the collective strategies used by marketers to push websites to the front page of Google search engine results.

Understanding all of these online marketing techniques can be difficult for beginners. But ORP Media aims to simplify techniques for all its clients and ensure they’re taking full advantage of the evolution of the internet.

About is an Australian internet marketing agency that provides a number of different marketing services for clients across the country. ORP Media currently offers social media marketing, Google AdWords PPC advertising, and search engine optimisation services for clients. For more information, please visit: