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Ortho Mattresses Launches New E-Commerce Website


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2018 -- Ortho Mattress ( announces the launch of their revamped website. The top-to-bottom refresh of the site presents a more user-friendly and intuitive interface that enhances customer understanding of our products and more easily directs customers to our 65 southern California retail locations. The new site also includes e-commerce capability that allows Ortho Mattress to reach our growing out-of-state clientele.

Ortho's new website features superb graphics and new tools that enable customers to easily learn which of our high-quality mattresses will be the ideal choice. With these online resources, our customers save time by shopping our products in advance of store visits.

Ortho Mattress believes sleeping well is an essential aspect of overall health. The right mattress plays a significant role in quality of sleep. Many doctors have advised their patients to use Ortho mattresses. Our products have been described as perfect for those enduring orthopedic issues.

Ortho makes its mattresses using the best materials available to provide appropriate support for the whole body regardless of sleeping style. Excellent construction ensures that Ortho's products are durable and reliable elements of a good night's rest.

Best of all, Ortho offers its mattresses at factory-direct prices. Because we own our factory, we pass savings and innovation directly to our customers. Ortho mattresses have been available only at Ortho Mattress stores in Southern California. Now, through our new website, customers nationwide have access to our superior product lines.

"If you wish to have the best mattress for a reasonable price, our products are ideal," states the Ortho Mattress website. "Now, you can peruse our mattresses online from the comfort of your home. All of our unique products are available at your fingertips. Check out our many holiday offers and other deals that we have introduced to celebrate our enhanced online platform. Fabulous prices are open to all."

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About Ortho Mattress
At Ortho Mattress, we make world's finest mattresses and sell them at unbeatable prices. Because we handcraft our own mattresses and sell them in our own stores, our customers get factory-direct pricing with no middle-man mark-up. That's how we provide better mattresses, better service and lower prices than our competitors.

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