Orthodox Judaism Steps Into the Crowdfunding Arena

The first and only Crowdfunding platform geared to serve Orthodox Jews is now officially launching at


Ma'ale Levona, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- GiveTov began with a simple dream- to empower Orthodox Jews to fix the world from anywhere.

Aaron Dikel, founder of GiveTov, has always enjoyed a challenge. So when a charity organization approached himabout stepping up theironline fundraising efforts he was charged. The mission seemed almost impossible- grow an online community of supporters willing to give real money,with few pre-established contacts to leverage. This would require establishing trust, presenting a powerful message, and getting that message in front of just the right people.

Then he discovered Crowdfunding.

“When I first began to research Crowdfunding I was so intrigued by the concept,” says Dikel. “It amazed me how with a little creativity and effort an average Joe can build and engage a community of supporters from around the globe.”

Currently, during the ‘Protective Edge’ operation, many IDF soldiers have sorely lacked basic replenishments. In order to outfit them volunteers have launched Crowdfunding campaigns on various websites such as Indigogo, Jewcer, Headstart. Other projects have also been launched and funded to help support Israeli citizens living under fire. The beneficiaries deeply appreciate the support, and the Crowdfunding infrastructure is what makes it all happen so effectively.

The efficiency and appeal of Crowdfunding has beena game-changer in all types offields such as music, book publishing, poverty relief, education, technology, medical research and much more. And the popularity of crowdfunding is exploding. In the past five years the estimatedcapital raised through Crowdfunding has skyrocketed from less than one billion dollars to, an estimated, over five billion dollars the previous fiscal year.

Now, with GiveTov, Orthodox Jews can get in on the action too.

The benefits of having a Crowdfunding platform specifically for Orthodox Jewish projects are twofold. First, it will enable people with a common value system, from all over the world, to congregate online and nurture projects which they believe in. This is a clear advantage that GiveTov offers over the mainstream Crowdfunding websites, since Orthodox Jewish projectsare less likely to resonate with general audiences. Second, GiveTov requires heightened standards of modesty in speech and dress which Orthodox Jews appreciate.

Also, GiveTov is available worldwide. Most Crowdfunding websites are available in a limited number of countries because few payment processing providers are available internationally, and those who are, such as PayPal, are particular about who they accept. “Our goal was to help Orthodox Jewish causes to thrive all over the world,” Aaron Dikel says, “Getting accepted by PayPal was a challenge, and well worth it. Fuelled by PayPal,GiveTov is positioned to become the worldwide epicentre for Orthodox Jewish Crowdfunding.”

Within its community-based tzedaka-giving atmosphere, each campaign receives its own campaign page. “That page includes a place for text, images, video, comments, an optional list of ‘backers’ who pledged, as well as a real-time status bar showing the campaigns progress towards its goal,” said Dikel.

“The key is engagement,” said Dikel. “As a rule, campaign coordinators must keep their pledgers informed of project developments and say thanks for helping.”

Campaign owners, have the option to offer rewards as a thanks to pledgers for their generosity. In addition, campaign owners have the ability to create emergency campaigns, which can be set up and gain funding in as little as one day.

Often the most difficult aspect of fundraising, even more than finding donors, is finding someone willing to coordinate the collection. The standard fundraising model requires nearly superhuman stamina, will-power, organizational skills, and people skills. And it is difficult too. As one seasoned fundraiser said, ‘There is no fun in fundraising’.Now, Jewish communities and fundraising professionals alike can fundraise in a more efficient and fun manner, leaving more time and resources available.

Some examples of projects that can be launched on GiveTov include

- Build a synagogue
- Plan a Shabaton
- Support and outreach project
- Release a musical album
- Provide emergency medical treatment
- Etc. etc. etc.

For further information about how GiveTov can revolutionize your local and international Jewish community, contact:

GiveTov Crowdfunding
DN Ephriam, MaaleLevona 4482500, Israel

Aaron Dikel
Founder of GiveTov
Phone: 054-846-2403
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